Empowering Cyber Warriors at the Edge

The Solution: Expedite Data Analysis for Maritime Dominance

Today the Booz Allen Cyber Precog Flyaway Kit enables the client to seamlessly drive enterprise compute capacity to the edge, providing for highly resilient decision making and mission operations despite A2/AD attacks launched by adversaries.

The kit’s graphics processing unit (GPU)-enabled Cyber Precog software platform brings operationally honed cyber tooling together with AI and modular pipelines to accelerate solution delivery—enabling the ingestion and analysis of data 175 to 300 times faster than CPU-based solutions. Built on the Morpheus framework from our technology partner NVIDIA, Cyber Precog offers core capabilities and a flexible software fabric for developing, testing, and deploying analytics to dramatically streamline response.

SealingTech hardware engineering allows us to package these capabilities in a form factor that meets the size and weight requirements for forward-deployed, shipboard missions that would not have been possible with prior solutions. Standard form factors are typically three times larger while providing one-tenth the compute capacity.

Prior to field use of the flyaway kit, we provided software integration and device configuration support to eliminate risk. By working closely with the client to understand its mission set and maritime environment, as well as the kinds of cyberattacks it faces, we developed and tested a concept of operations (CONOP) that included customized automation tools to fine-tune and accelerate the kit’s performance. Delivering additional support, we helped the client’s cyber operators access a hyper-realistic training environment to prepare to use the kit.

Through the Booz Allen solution, the organization’s operators have gained a new level of agility in conducting ship-to-shore cyber operations, from probing onshore Wi-Fi networks for vulnerabilities and remotely switching off surveillance systems to conducting other cyber effects in support of ashore operational components. And they’re achieving this expanded mission capability at the edge through the use of the same robust compute power available in an enterprise cloud environment. The overall result of this collaboration? Low latency, unmatched data analysis speed, and resilient mission support for U.S. cyber operators battling nation-state adversaries on the digital front lines.