Discover how Booz Allen’s EdgeAware uses edge processing and data analytics to enhance warfighter decisions for increased mission effectiveness.

Full Transcript of Video

EdgeAware is a new, AI and machine learning software created by Booz Allen Hamilton. Using off-the-shelf consumer drone and mobile device technology, EdgeAware can detect humans, vehicles, or devices inside and outside buildings, by using existing Wi-Fi networks and other sensors, which might be emitted from nearby handheld devices, or hotspots. Once an area is surveyed by the drone, EdgeAware quickly generates and renders a 3D geospatial photogrammetry and detailed reconnaissance of people, vehicles, and devices. It then transmits this as an interactive 3D map to a soldier-worn compute device without the need for cloud compute or internet access. No cloud. No internet. No problem. EdgeAware by Booz Allen. 

Product Features

EdgeAware is a modular open systems approach for on-body, edge-based processing of sensor data to increase situational awareness. It provides disconnected and distributed teams with access to actional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; rapid modeling; and advanced analytics at the edge.

The approach accelerates decision cycles by detecting threats and sending rapid alerts so warfighters can stay ahead of the adversary. Learn more about the capabilities EdgeAware delivers below.

Increased Mission Effectiveness and Situational Awareness Processing at the Edge

EdgeAware can utilize any existing or future sensor to produce targets of interest—including humans, vehicles, and RF signals—on a mobile device in Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK).  

3D Handheld Common Operational Picture

EdgeAware fuses aided target recognition (AiTR) and cyber capabilities with a solution from Reveal Technology to sensor, locate, and map the target. 

Digital Integration with Third-Party Software

Solutions integrated with Reveal’s Farsight software provide local photogrammetry for the target location—completely disconnected from the cloud. 

Accelerating the Operator Decision Cycle Through Edge Processing and Data Analytics

Learn how EdgeAware accelerates mission effectiveness, situational awareness, and decision making with AI-powered data, 3D location targeting, and digital integration with the latest technology.

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