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Messaging and Theme Trend Analysis

Our human terrain and social listening tools and analysis help you understand your market, reputation, and potential threats. Global4Sight offers insights into local media, target audience perceptions and sentiment, and narratives that resonate in areas of interest.

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Network Analysis and Profiling

In an increasingly interconnected world, Global4Sight uncovers how people, entities, and industries are connected as part of supply chains; social, business, or ideological networks; and complex company ownership structures.

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Political-Military, Stability, and Effects Assessments

Your organization does not operate in a vacuum. Our analysts ensure you are aware of threats that may impact your operations and strategy, from geopolitical and diplomatic developments to conflict and security issues.

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Advanced Analytics

We quantify social and cultural conditions to produce trends, forecasts, and interactive dashboards for malign state actor influence, transnational criminal organization threats, partner-nation security force risks, state fragility, and beyond.

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Our Experts Offer Deep Knowledge for Nuanced Insights

  • Global4Sight has access to language-enabled staff proficient in 77 languages and dialects, such as Russian, Mandarin, Korean, Ukrainian, Arabic, Spanish, and French.
  • In addition to language capabilities, these analysts bring deep cultural and geopolitical knowledge, as well as expertise in open-source collection, social media usage and tools, intelligence analysis, cyber threat analysis, sentiment analysis, supply chain risk management, and network analysis.
  • Global4Sight analysts hold clearances up to Top Secret (TS)/Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) with polygraphs to ensure key findings are timely, relevant, and actionable across all classification levels.

Our Tools Act as a Force Multiplier

  • Global4Sight analysts leverage the latest innovations to collect, analyze, and visualize data everywhere you operate.
  • Our advanced data science capabilities, database access, and best-in-class commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and proprietary tools ensure we provide you with data-driven, actionable insights to make the right decisions.
  • Our analysts leverage these tools to aggregate and synthesize data across multimedia platforms without compromising the information’s accuracy, security, or quality.

Our Tradecraft Ensures Confidence in the Findings

  • Global4Sight analysts understand complex global developments through extensive language-enabled research and proven intelligence analytical techniques.
  • Our team holds its analysts to high standards—analysts undergo extensive training on operations security (OPSEC), specialized methodologies, and institutional processes in order to accomplish our clients’ missions.
  • Our content and technical editors adhere to the intelligence community’s (IC) analytical tradecraft standards to ensure Global4Sight® products meet our clients’ intelligence collection and writing requirements.


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