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How Modelpoint Works

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Secure & Interoperable

Operates through an open application programming interface (API) multicloud architecture for maximum integration with industry teammates and government tools and databases, all protected by industry-leading zero trust cybersecurity protocols and virtual private networks. 

Massively Scalable

Designed for multicloud analytics, distributed storage and processing, and available graphics processing unit (GPU) caching and computation. 

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Layered Analytics

Orchestrates collection and automated exploitation of diverse data through dynamic model stacks that include computer vision, spatial statistics, graph, and other advanced algorithms with machine learning and emerging techniques. 


Enables integration of unclassified and classified sources for critical missions. 

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Product Features

Explore the capabilities of scalable data science and analytics with Modelpoint

Booz Allen is committed to innovation and delivery of high-impact products and analytic services for human and global security. We focus on non-proprietary technologies that complement, rather than replace, existing government tools. To seamlessly integrate emerging capabilities with our client systems, Modelpoint has four key components. 


Maximizes interoperability with cutting-edge tools while negating client-side resource requirements, using commercially hosted multicloud solutions.

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Integrates and processes thousands of commercial and public sources automatically, including traditional and non-traditional remote sensing, media, and emerging sensors. 


Stacks multicloud analytics to drive the greatest impact and value, emphasizing artificial intelligence/machine learning, CV, spatial statistics, graph, and natural language processing methodologies. 

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Cross Domain

Delivers products and services directly into client networks and databases, with classified configuration available through the Booz Allen Cross-Domain Shared Services Framework. 


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