Cybersecurity Strategy for Business & Industry

Maintain enterprise resilience with a custom-built cyber strategy

Building a successful cyber strategy is hard. Enterprises are expected to spend close to $170 billion on cyber services and solutions in 2020. Even with all of that investment, experts estimate cyber incident-related losses will exceed $6 trillion by the end of 2021.

These figures may seem shocking, but they shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the lengthy list of constantly evolving cyber threats and challenges that enterprises face today. Cyber talent remains in increasingly short supply. Cyber criminals employ ever-more sophisticated tactics, techniques, and procedures. Supply chains get harder to secure as they snake across the globe with growing complexity.

In the face of such intensifying and multiplying threats, how can you and your company protect the trust and value you’ve earned with your customers, your stakeholders, and your communities?

Learn how our cyber incident response (IR) solutions assist in preventing cyber security breaches.

At Booz Allen, we bring order to a chaotic cyber threat landscape. Our cybersecurity services enable you to focus on growing and maintaining trusted and resilient core business operations. We will come to know your business through and through, and make sure your cyber program is tightly aligned to your purpose and mission. In the face of a cyber attack, we are your advocate and instrument for cyber incident response and business recovery. 

The most crucial factor when selecting a cyber partner is experience. As pioneers in cybersecurity, we have protected nation states and giants of industry from the most advanced and emerging cyber threats. Drawing on decades of first-hand experience from the boardroom to the battlefield, we collaborate with our clients to deliver sustained and business-aligned cyber resilience.

Our capabilities and solutions will help you prepare and protect what matters most.

Our solutions include:

  • Cyber Risk Program Development, including Advanced Cyber Risk Quantification
  • Cyber Wargaming, Board-level Cyber Exercises
  • Cyber Adversary Simulation and Enhanced Red Teaming
  • Insider Threat and Fraud Program Review and Development
  • Incident Response and Pre-incident Planning
  • Disinformation Advisory
  • Cyber Program Transformation Advisory

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