Modular Detachment Kit (MDK)

Booz Allen Modular Detachment Kit

Product Features

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Machine-to-Machine Data/Sensor Integration

Enables a broader, more accurate vision of the battlefield, increasing effective decision making while reducing risk of human error.

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Expandable, Open Architecture

Integrates with virtually any sensor and communications/C2 system and is rapidly adaptable to evolving requirements.

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Tactical- to Theater-Level Visualization

Establishes a shared, clear, understanding of the battlespace, fusing sensor and datalink information from multiple domains.

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Coalition and Joint Interoperability

Supports an expanded range of data and communications standards, offering effective joint and coalition interoperability.

Learn more about how MDK enables machine-to-machine data exchanges and multidomain integration for tactical C2 to increase situational awareness and enable faster decisions for commanders.

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