Modular Detachment Kit (MDK)

MDK enables warfighters to manage the operational environment and local assets, as well as collaborate with distributed command and control (C2) nodes—all while integrating the latest in all-domain live, virtual, and constructive training capabilities.

Product Features

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Machine-to-Machine Data/Sensor Integration

Enables a broader, more accurate vision of the battlefield, increasing effective decision making while reducing risk of human error.

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Expandable, Open Architecture

Integrates with virtually any sensor and communications/C2 system and is rapidly adaptable to evolving requirements.

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Tactical- to Theater-Level Visualization

Establishes a shared, clear, understanding of the battlespace, fusing sensor and datalink information from multiple domains.

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Coalition and Joint Interoperability

Supports an expanded range of data and communications standards, offering effective joint and coalition interoperability.


Introducing TOC-L: Accelerating Battle Management Capabilities
An MDK innovation, the Tactical Operations Center–Light (TOC-L) configuration redefines C2 in a small form-factor package—seamlessly linking sensors, decision makers, shooters, and weapons in a globally decentralized network.

TOC-L expands battlespace awareness through an adaptable, open architecture, infused with warfighter insights to accelerate the all-domain kill chain. Cloud-enabled, all-domain, highly mobile, tailorable, and scalable, the TOC-L configuration enhances force lethality and increases C2 mobility and survivability. At the same time, it provides integrated all-domain training and mission rehearsal capabilities. From theater data access to diverse communication options, TOC-L sets a new standard for mission flexibility, strengthening information dominance and decision advantage.

Introducing C-2 Hub: Command and Control Redefined
Witness the fusion of cutting-edge technology with unmatched mobility, as the C2-Hub configuration shrinks command posts while expanding capabilities. Link components effortlessly to tailor your solution to the mission at hand. Create networked distributed tactical operations centers with ease.

Distributing critical data across the formation in the user’s native format, C2-Hub integrates fielded and emerging air defense sensors and shooters in the Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) fight. Scalable from a single laptop to theater-wide dominion, C2-Hub's open framework guarantees adaptable, efficient command and control for joint and combined forces. 

Your operations, elevated. Your control, unmatched.

Learn more about how MDK enables machine-to-machine data exchanges and multidomain integration for tactical C2 to increase situational awareness and enable faster decisions for commanders.

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