Space Solutions

Stay in Control of Your Mission

Space Domain Awareness and Space Traffic Management

Fuse and process global sensor data and optimize models for high accuracy—for objectives that range from identifying objects to avoiding collisions.                                         

Advanced Ground Systems

Reap the advantages of open system architecture in flexible data frameworks, with rigorous DevSecOps for rapid development and continuous improvement.                               

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Earth Observation

Rapidly fuse and analyze large quantities of stovepiped data with secure, automated capabilities.

Accelerate your space missions.

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The success of your space missions depends on accelerated innovation to make space systems smarter,  more secure, and more resilient so that you can better assess threats to make faster, more accurate decisions. We develop modular, scalable software solutions that condition, analyze and disseminate space data so you can protect assets in orbit and stay ahead of the threat. We modernize ground systems with open architectures and industry leading cyber and AI to deliver automated and virtual ground systems so you can speed and simplify command and control and mission management. And every solution is powered by ethical A.I. We innovate as a leading data solutions provider. We integrate as a prime integrator of ground and space systems. We automate delivering human centric,  scalable and secure solutions with A.I. and cyber built in. We innovate. You accelerate. Accelerate tomorrow's space missions today. 

Essentials to Launch

Learn Why Space Missions Need a New Approach for Integration

people stand in a war room

Why Space Missions Need a Modern Technical Integrator

Integrate innovation with government-owned technology.

Space Cyber Defense: An Adaptive, Proactive Approach

man working at a computer

Learn About Threats to Space Systems

National security organizations need an adaptive, proactive cybersecurity approach to protect space assets.

Defend Space Assets and Ground Systems at Digital Speed

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Learn More About Cyber Resiliency

Watch our space defense experts discuss building cyber resiliency into space systems across the lifecycle.

Transforming Space Mission Operations

Learn About Mission-Centric Digital Engineering and Data Solutions

We help our space clients transform their organizations and develop new training, procedures, and partnerships to turn data into action.

Next-Gen Capabilities

Booz Allen Awarded $622.5M NASA Cybersecurity Contract

Women working on computer

Learn About First-Ever Cypress Contract to Centralize NASA’s Cybersecurity Posture

Booz Allen was awarded the NASA Cybersecurity and Privacy Enterprise Solutions and Services (CyPrESS) contract.

Orion Space Will Work with Several Partners

woman working at a computer with satellite dishes

Learn How We Are Helping Space Leaders Develop Lean, Data-Driven Methods and Technologies

Orion Space, based in Louisville, Colorado, will work with several subcontractors, including Hera Systems, Booz Allen, and Scout Space.

Digital Engineering: An Agile Approach

Follow the Digital Thread to the Future

Apply and optimize digital engineering for your mission.

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