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Meet DarkLabs Research

DarkLabs Research provides multidomain, all-terrain vulnerability research, exploitation, and development across a selectable taxonomy ranging from enterprise and mobile to industrial and weapons systems. Subscription-based access to tooling, tradecraft, and 0-Day/N-Day capabilities, as well as client-directed vulnerability and exploit research across a wide range of cyber terrain, is available.

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Collaborative R&D

Accelerate and enable cybersecurity R&D through sponsored or collaborative R&D engagement and access to our tradecraft, tooling, and tactical capabilities.


Augment Existing Strategies

Augment existing R&D with ours or fully integrate existing R&D collaboratively with our teams, labs, and artificial intelligence (AI) hyper-computing infrastructure.

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Advanced Tradecraft & Tools

Harness available tradecraft, tooling, utilities, and full chain capabilities to expedite operationally. DarkLabs drives R&D at mission speed, providing frontline capability from the front lines.

Product Features

Research and Development by Subscription

  • Sponsored Research provides client-driven research involvement aligned to mission requirements along a topic-based taxonomy of research topics providing regular output of that research in the form of tech findings, technical analysis and papers, and research notes on an annual basis.
  • Collaborative Research enables research at velocity and R&D force multiplication in an enablement or mentorship model to accelerate existing R&D by integrating into our teams and infrastructure and providing more precise mission-aligned technical analysis and tooling on an annual basis.
  • Capability Development subscription provides regular access to tradecraft, tooling, utilities, and operator/defender capabilities developed through our R&D efforts on an annual basis.
  • One-Time/À La Carte Capabilities provides clients with access to ad hoc tooling, payloads, capabilities, and exclusive licensing of 0-Day/N-Days.


About Booz Allen’s DarkLabs

Are you ready to take a disruptive approach to safeguard your business? DarkLabs offers a portfolio of solutions built by industry experts with decades of experience countering nation-state-level cyber threats, offering actionable insights, force-multiplying research and training, and leveraging rock-solid defenses to secure your organization against even the most advanced adversaries.

Why DarkLabs Leads the Way

Unrivaled Expertise: Our team comprises top experts with unparalleled experience in combating cyber threats at the highest level. We understand the evolving cyber battlespace and deliver the deepest understanding of your adversaries.

Customized Integration: DarkLabs solutions integrate effortlessly into any security mission, empowering your organization with the tools to defend against threats effectively.

Multidomain Research: Access our tradecraft, tooling, and operational capabilities to accelerate your cybersecurity R&D efforts. Collaborate with our teams and harness the power of AI hyper-computing infrastructure.

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