Extended Reality Analytics Engine (XRAE)

Product Features

Turnkey Analytics

Actionable insights, including biometrics and eye tracking, for immersive training (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality), operational applications, wargaming, and simulations.

Resilient Architecture

Containerized and scalable real-time analytics use Socket.IO connections and resilient data pipelines​​.

Simplified Plug-ins

Commercial off-the-shelf game engine plug-ins (e.g., Unity, Unreal, VBS, Prepar3d, MACE) provide simplified integration with immersive systems​.

Team Performance Results

Real-time analytics and dashboards provide trainee and trainer with a close connection to the quantitative results of training in real time or over periods of time. 

Open APIs

Easily extendable open APIs using Python analytics plug-ins make data accessible and enable data identification, analysis, and secure processing in real time.



Sensor Integration

Multiple sensors can be integrated into the assembly allowing a plug-and-play interaction while increasing the capacity to measure, analyze, and aggregate data across the assembly.



XRAE also provides live recording of training sessions and sensor integration—all in one cloud-agnostic, interoperable solution.  

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