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Illuminating the Threat—Accelerating Your Response

Backed by an unmatched team with proven experience in federal government defense, the nation-state-level threat detection, Booz Allen’s DarkLabs Detect, leverages a deep understanding of today’s cybersecurity battlefield and its players. With artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) accelerators and total knowledge of adversarial actions and infrastructure, we reduce the time it takes to identify threat activity, increase pre-breach detection, and impose costs on any attacker. With seamless no-touch integration and scales within existing defense in-depth stacks, our service drives the efficiency and response time security leaders need to focus on urgent threats. 

Attackers Make Mistakes—and We Exploit Them

Cyber threat actors are too often glorified as unstoppable, but they’re only human. Booz Allen’s DarkLabs Detect brings a complete understanding of the enemy, including the strategies that impose the most cost and difficulty on attackers. Escape the constant reaction cycle, expensive inefficiencies, and damage-control minimization while asserting your prime position on the digital battlefield.

Our elite detection engineers, reverse engineers, adversary analysts, and data scientists dissect threat actors to deeply understand their goals, tactics, techniques, procedures (TTP), and infrastructure. Our solution curates this forward-looking adversary telemetry and translates it into effective protections that flow to all your security tools.

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Product Features

Booz Allen’s DarkLabs Detect’s proactive tracking and detection logic goes the last mile to ensure our understanding of adversarial behavior is integrated into our synthesized solutions. Our no-touch subscription service delivers proactive nation-state indicators across your entire security stack. Eliminate defensive gaps with rules, signatures, advanced analytics, and more flowing from the firewall to the endpoint across OT to the cloud. 

Unique Adversarial Mindset & Tradecraft

Continuously updated behavioral indicators for “Apex” threats, delivered directly into existing security stacks

Developing Scalable Proof-of-Concept Solutions & Prototypes

Scalable insights available at any stage of the attack  Proactive campaign tracking and defensive logic that seamlessly integrates into existing security systems 

Exquisite National Cyber Talent

Complete threat intelligence without the need for new technology or additional teams – We employ to protect your organization are the very same we use to secure the nation

Conducting Adversary & Vulnerability Research

With you for the long haul – Our managed services offering extends to augment existing security teams for longer-term threat-hunting and incident-response requirements

About Booz Allen’s DarkLabs

Are you ready to take a disruptive approach to safeguard your business? DarkLabs offers a portfolio of solutions built by industry experts with decades of experience countering nation-state-level cyber threats, offering actionable insights, force-multiplying research and training, and leveraging rock-solid defenses to secure your organization against even the most advanced adversaries.

Why DarkLabs Leads the Way

Unrivaled Expertise: Our team comprises top experts with unparalleled experience in combating cyber threats at the highest level. We understand the evolving cyber battlespace and deliver the deepest understanding of your adversaries.

Customized Integration: DarkLabs solutions integrate effortlessly into any security mission, empowering your organization with the tools to defend against threats effectively.

Multidomain Research: Access our tradecraft, tooling, and operational capabilities to accelerate your cybersecurity R&D efforts. Collaborate with our teams and harness the power of AI hyper-computing infrastructure.

Our Cybersecurity Insights

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