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Our Vision

Today's adversaries are waging a new kind of war, amplifying traditional kinetic tactics with cyber attacks and persistent information warfare, aiming to destabilize the United States and its allies.

Command and control of operations with coalition partners and allies involves an array of networks brought along by each participating nation. Our solutions facilitate the movement of information among these disparate networks as part of executing combined and joint operations.

Below, our experts weigh in on the technology and policy changes that will hasten implementation of unified mission collaboration.

Data-centricity enables mission partner environment priorities

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Data-Centricity for Global Mission Collaboration

A data-centric approach holds promise to enable real-time collaboration and hasten coordinated action.

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Coalition Connectivity for Modern Warfare

See how combatant commands can advance data-centric decision-making.

Technical enablers for the Mission Partner Environment

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Empower the Coalition with Information

Explore technical enablers for the Mission Partner Environment.

DOD, Booz Allen leaders share insight into data sharing for joint operations

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3 Accelerators for Data Sharing with Allies

Explore insights on data sharing for joint operations in DOD’s mission partner environment.

Our Capabilities

Booz Allen offers extensive experience in the consolidation and modernization of legacy environments. We address technical challenges, including:

  • Establishing a zero trust architecture and identity management solution that improves access and meets security requirements
  • Migrating a myriad of existing networks into a secure cloud environment
  • Creating a cross domain solution that enables rather than constrains the mission
  • Integrating a data fabric to enable agile and secure data sharing at the speed of combat

Our digital engineering experts have created a modern model-based systems engineering (MBSE) environment that keeps development in line with broader and still evolving requirements, allows for architecture excursions to explore trade space, and provides a solid baseline for independent test and evaluation.

Explore our capabilities below.

Digital engineering can speed up decision making. Here's how.

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Digital Engineering

Apply and optimize digital engineering for your mission. Follow the digital thread to the future.

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Zero Trust

We design integrated solutions for zero trust, data-driven cybersecurity, and resilience for the mission.

Explore agile intelligence solutions for sharing information across domains.

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Cross Domain Services

Our Cross Domain Shared Services Framework supports joint intelligence operations and modernizes data sharing for JADC2.

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As the nation’s largest cybersecurity services provider, we help you fend off the toughest threats.

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