Digital Engineering: An Agile Approach

When to Implement Digital Engineering

With so many competing modernization priorities, how can you determine whether model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is right for your project? 

Benefits of Digital Engineering

As the digital integrator focused on helping clients transform, we embed digital engineering within an agile framework. That way, our work increases return on investment while helping organizations manage complexity and transform faster with reduced risk. Organizations experience benefits like these:

  • Accelerated, data-driven decisions
  • Traceability across the system architecture
  • Instant updates and intuitive visualizations
  • Automated generation of technical documents
  • Embedded cybersecurity and assured compliance

We infuse agile methodologies with digital engineering to help clients:

  • Increase return on investment
  • Improve performance
  • Manage complexity
  • Transform rapidly, with flexibility
  • Spot gaps and reduce risk

Simplify Your Team’s Digital Transition

Our agile approach gives you a head start.

Transitioning from a documents-based process to digital tools—or expanding your systems engineering practice for a complex program with changing requirements? We help clients simplify digital engineering implementations of every size, from incorporating tools for legacy systems to supporting next-generation military and intelligence initiatives.

You’ll benefit from our multidisciplinary approach incorporating strategic planning and change management. Our experts will work to help you streamline adoption and optimization, providing guidance on setting up agile processes and sprint plans. And your team will be up and running faster with our ecosystem that gives you access to pre-configured, accredited tools. 

With an approach that keeps the digital model in the middle, you’ll streamline communications and activities across the lifecycle—with reusable components that save time and costs.

By leveraging our approach to digital engineering implementations, you’ll realize multiple benefits from modernized system practices and improved decision making to accelerated timelines—and ultimately, faster mission success.

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Our Integrated Approach

Our Capabilities

Our experts continually innovate to advance our digital engineering practices and associated solutions and services.  

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Creating a functional digital model allows queries and simulations to compare specifications early in the process, verify functionality, and assess performance. See how we used MBSE for space system modernization.

Modeling and Simulation

Digital engineering speeds creation of technical representations enabling analysis to speed decision making, model behaviors, and validate requirements. See how modeling and simulation within MBSE accelerates space system transformation.

Digital Twins 

We create virtual replicas to enable faster system development and upgrades with less risk. It also enables analysis powered by artificial intelligence. Learn more about digital twins.

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Use Case Examples



Transition legacy systems to open, cloud-native architectures.



Analyze digital models to speed the testing of rival technologies.



Establish agile frameworks for smart development, management, and sustainment.

Addressing Common Obstacles to Digital Engineering

Digital engineering holds great promise for defense organizations—if they can implement the discipline. But for some, that has been an elusive goal. Read what John Silvas and Leonard Brownlow recommend to remove the obstacles.

Optimize MBSE with Change Management Strategies

Build an effective digital engineering practice with an agile, people-focused adoption strategy.

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