Cyber Architecture and Engineering

Zero Trust

At Booz Allen, we help clients protect high-value assets by embracing a zero-trust mindset. And to be clear, zero trust isn’t a vendor buy. It’s a strategy driven by core principles: assume a breach; never trust, always verify; and allow only least-privileged access based on contextual factors. This model relentlessly questions the premise that users, devices, and network components deserve to be trusted just because they’re in the network.

Data-Driven Cybersecurity

Organizations can strengthen their risk posture and proactively counter emerging challenges from nation-states and criminal groups by adopting innovative, efficient, and effective ways to turn today’s security data into tomorrow’s risk management insights. Our integrated data-driven cybersecurity solution leverages talent and technology to deliver value across entire organizations.

We help our clients equip disparate internal teams with shared awareness of vital data. This requires a culture change, which is enabled, in part, by an integrated approach that lets security functions jointly overcome challenges with the right capabilities, management, and architecture tailored to fit the organization. Our approach also makes it more cost-effective to store vast quantities of cybersecurity data for longer periods of time, which lets organizations start using security analytics at scale in real time. And this, in turn, can unlock the potential of predictive analytics to turn threat intelligence into actionable insights. 

At Booz Allen, we develop cyber tools to provide actionable assessment, integration, security, and testing capabilities. From zero trust solutions to advanced data protection, we determine security requirements, evaluate network and security technologies, design cybersecurity architecture, and implement security frameworks to ensure we deploy the best hardware and software solutions to meet the evolving cyber threat landscape. We help our clients assess, protect, monitor, and optimize their expanding digital estates through our best-in-class advisory, solutions, and engineering methodologies.

Across the spectrum of IT, operational technology, cloud, and mobile, Booz Allen partners with clients to build secure platforms and solutions that enhance operations and reduce enterprise risks.

With our proven solutions and technology-agnostic approach, your organization can close critical security gaps, boost resilience to mitigate disruptive risks, remove tool redundancy, close misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, and align your tools with your cyber strategy and operations plans. We help organizations stay ahead of the increasing velocity and technical complexity of cyber threats and risks.

Our Solutions

Booz Allen applies our cyber tradecraft to security architecture and engineering to offer the following solutions to clients:

Booz Allen delivers world-class talent across critical security domains, a vast array of technology capabilities, and a proven track record in solving the most complex cybersecurity problems. Let our team help your organization achieve security and resilience by design, driven by data. Contact us for more information.

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