DCGS: One Agile Mission System

Agile Modernization. Innovative Technologies.

Booz Allen applies agile thinking with emerging technologies to modernize DCGS. We're always looking one step ahead, focusing on solutions that will help us win the wars of tomorrow, such as:

  • Cloud-native networking: Cloud-native networking developed with open architecture principles and secured with zero-trust and identity, credential, and access management facilitates rapid and flexible means of sharing intelligence from denied, degraded, intermittent, or limited environments.
  • Integrated technology for flexible capabilities: New tools and solutions integrated with legacy systems drive efficiency, improve command and control, and support agile modernization.

Our mission is to power decision making with real-time battlespace awareness.

Digital Engineering for Agile Weapon Systems

Learn how scalable innovation delivers the information advantage.

Learn how DevSecOps is accelerating Air Force modernization.

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