Distributed Common Ground System: One Agile Mission System

Accelerating DCGS Modernization. Leading Scalable Innovation.

We apply agile thinking, emerging tech, and lessons learned across military, government, and commercial enterprises to modernize DCGS. We’ll continue to engineer advances for the way ahead, providing:

  • Integrated technology for flexible capabilities. We integrate legacy systems with new tools and solutions. At the same time, we drive efficiencies, lower lifecycle costs, improve command and control, and support agile modernization.
  • Top talent to realize new possibilities. Our team is at the forefront of software containerization and other approaches to enable data fusion for source- and sensor-agnostic, problem-centric analytics.

Our mission is to power IT-enabled decisions with real-time battlespace awareness.

Digital Engineering for Agile Weapon Systems

Learn how scalable innovation delivers the information advantage.

Learn how DevSecOps is accelerating Air Force modernization.

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