Building Secure, Adaptable Space Systems

Building Secure, Adaptable Space Systems

We’ve seen military and civilian space agencies rapidly transform by using a holistic approach leveraging new developments in three key areas: open systems architecture, flexible data frameworks, and rigorous DevSecOps. In our publication, Building Secure, Adaptable Space Systems, you can explore these accelerators for dominating the space domain.

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  • The power of free data: Why open data frameworks can help build in flexibility for new systems and allow changes in existing systems as missions and priorities change
  • The advantages of modular technology: How open architectures can speed up prototyping and integration times—and enable DOD and intelligence leaders to implement advanced AI and analytics
  • The security of true DevSecOps: What a game-changer automation, standardization, and daily tested builds are for space programs, delivering continual upgrades and repeatable results

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