Modular Detachment Kit (MDK)

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In an age where our adversaries are challenging  US forces and our partners globally. Our battlefields are diverse. They are worldwide and multi-domain.  They are agile and in cyberspace. Peer Competitors are testing our  vulnerabilities from vast distances,   where every physical location is a target. Our forces and networks are at risk.  Command and Control must adapt. As must our networks and communication links.

There is a better way. Booz Allen’s Modular Detachment Kit, or  M-D-K, is redefining C2 by integrating Air, Land, Maritime, and Space domain awareness. It connects operational and tactical forces around  the world, via edge networks, and to the cloud. It constantly changes secure connections,  which are concealed from adversaries. M-D-K is a hardware, software, vendor agnostic  approach to delivering integrated C-2 operations   and training solutions that enables decentralized C-2. It securely connects sensors to  decision makers, to shooters. Leveraging modular, scalable, tailorable  decentralized C-2, sensor and communication nodes. M-D-K builds, fuses, and distributes a common  operating picture across the joint spectrum. It establishes remote voice and data  communications to positively control   any sector from anywhere. And it can be operated by  small teams of just 2-6 people. M-D-K’s modules provide the most comprehensive and   informative operational picture to  our military anywhere in the world.

Whether you need to establish an operations center,   local or remote, Link 16 or Tactical Data Link  access, secure ground-to-air radio transmissions   anywhere in the world, to integrate joint or  coalition, traditional or passive sensors into the  Tactical and Common Operating Pictures, or to  monitor, maintain, and manage the distributed   C-2 enterprise from a consolidated maintenance  operations center, M-D-K has you covered. Take only what you need. Connect ally and partner capability  for complete battlespace awareness. And hide in plain sight. M-D-K brings Air Force C-2 capabilities  into the future through edge networks and   secure cloud services, providing  faster, more robust, secure C-2. From anywhere to everywhere…M-D-K. 


icon for all-domain adaptability

Coalition and Joint Interoperability

  • Support an expanded range of data and communications standards
  • Achieve effective joint and coalition interoperability
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Tactical- to Theater-Level Visualization

  • Establish a shared, clear understanding of the battlespace
  • Fuse sensor and datalink information from multiple domains
  • Employ robust, reliable communications, networking, and data-sharing capabilities that enable comprehensive battlespace awareness
icon for modular, service-based packaging

Expandable, Open Architecture

  • Rapidly adapt to evolving requirements
  • Integrate with virtually any sensor and communications/C2 system
  • Support future growth, including integration with sensor grids, cloud-based C2 apps, and AI/machine learning software
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Modular, Tailored Mobile Capabilities

  • Selectively employ required capabilities, reducing transportation and manpower burden
  • Enhance survivability in diverse operational scenarios
  • Ensure adaptable, efficient C2 for joint and combined forces, allowing for operational flexibility
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Machine-to-Machine Data/Sensor Integration

  • Broaden and enhance the battlefield vision
  • Increase effective decision making while reducing the risk of human error
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  • Leverage an agile, scalable, quickly deployable, and survivable solution
  • Significantly reduce footprint, risk, and cost
icon for robust data and voice processing

Robust Data/Voice Processing

  • Harness a foundation for AI/ML, edge and cloud computing, and simulation
  • Enable efficient resource optimization
  • Use AI to accelerate decisions
Booz Allen Modular Detachment Kit

Our Missions in Practice

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Air Force: Enhancing Resilient Battle Management Capabilities

Booz Allen’s Air Force-fielded solutions redefine C2 in a small form factor package—seamlessly linking sensors, decision makers, shooters, and weapons in a globally decentralized network. Employ a highly mobile and survivable battle management C2 node at the edge. Gain the power to satisfy multiple operational imperatives.

Army: Enabling Cross-Service Command and Control

Now you can fuse cutting-edge technology with unmatched mobility, using Booz Allen’s Army-fielded solutions to shrink command posts while expanding capabilities. Link components effortlessly to tailor your solution to the mission at hand. Create networked distributed tactical operations centers with ease, enabling “right sensor, right shooter” cross-service, joint multidomain C2.

Command and Control Redefined, from Tactical Precision to Strategic Advantage.

Learn more about MDK, revolutionizing C2 with multidomain integration, adaptive capabilities, and strategic partnerships for operational excellence.

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