Transform C2 for Multidomain Operations

Learn How to Modernize C2 Systems for a New Era

By embracing technology transformation, DOD can use modern C2 systems that accelerate JADC2 and enable decision advantage and overmatch in the digital battlespace.

In this eBook, we explore key aspects of modernizing C2 systems for the Army, Air Force, and joint forces. You’ll learn how transformed C2 systems can:

  • Connect any sensor to any C2 node to any shooter to defend against threats and execute fires in a strategically relevant timeframe
  • Deliver relevant information and capabilities to warfighters and operators at all echelons
  • Fuse and share data and intelligence in real and near-real time from enterprise to edge, across domains and countries

If you’re interested in learning more about why automating and advancing C2 systems is an essential step toward realizing the JADC2 vision, this eBook is for you.

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