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A partner-integrator puts client missions at the center of enterprise modernization strategies. Rather than focus solely on the systems and technologies, a partner-integrator combines deep, experience-based understandings of agency missions and their broader contexts—including culture, regulatory landscape, and operational environment—and mastery of the current tech landscape.

As a true partner-integrator with a proven record of operational excellence, collaboration, and transparency, Booz Allen knows how to help federal agencies leverage security, services management, and operations data to inform the seamless, cost-effective, enterprise-wide provision of managed services for IT, software development, operations, systems monitoring, and security.

We use an agile, roadmap approach to deliver and sustain high-availability infrastructure, user-friendly software, cloud, and zero-trust security solutions in complex, multifaceted IT environments. To keep our clients prepared for what the future may bring, we are committed to helping them identify, integrate, and embrace the emerging technologies and innovations—including AI—tailored for their missions.

Take On Your IT Operations Challenges

Our partner-integrator model helps agencies smoothly transition and transform their IT operations at the enterprise level, ensuring collaboration, innovation, and scalability across departments, programs, offices, and missions.

The transformation tasks and challenges that we help agencies take on include:

Strategic legacy system decommissioning

Zero-trust security framework implementation and operationalization

Secure cloud operations, migration, and scaling

Identify mission-critical emerging technologies and innovations

Achieve budget transparency to identify efficiencies and maximize performance versus spend

Incorporate proven change management strategies to ensure tech adoption

Seamless integration of operations data to inform precise and efficient managed services delivery

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Transformation in Action

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