Outpace the Threat at AFCEA TechNet Cyber 2024

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June 25-27

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Baltimore Convention Center

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Holistic ICAM implementation through Booz Allen’s Zero Trust Data Exchange

Discover how zero trust data security delivers robust data classification, encryption, and identity program to protect an organization’s most critical assets. Booz Allen’s Zero Trust Data Exchange delivers a holistic identity, credential, and access management (ICAM) solution implementing attribute-based access control to handle user attributes for internal and external users informing data access control.


Detection Engineering at Scale with Booz Allen’s DarkLabs DetectTM

DarkLabs Detect goes the final mile for defense in depth. Our no-touch subscription service delivers proactive nation-state indicators across your entire security stack. Eliminate defensive blind spots with rules, signatures, AI-enhanced advanced analytics, and more that flow from the firewall to the endpoint, across OT to cloud. Elite detection engineers, reverse engineers, adversary analysts, and data scientists hone a deep understanding of actor goals, TTPs, and infrastructure. Only DarkLabs Detect curates this level of forward-looking adversary telemetry and then translates it into effortlessly integrated protections for all of your security tools.


Accelerate Multidomain Vulnerability Analysis with DarkLabs ResearchTM

DarkLabs Research drives cybersecurity research and development at speed and scale, delivering frontline capability from the front lines. We provide a wide range of software and tooling from 0-Day/N-Day exploits, command and control, and payloads to full-chain operator toolkits, testbeds, and our automated exploitation platform putting operational capability in hand at speed. DarkLabs Research can also accelerate R&D through our subscription-based sponsored or collaborative research offerings enabling clients to leverage our expertise, AI and hyper-computing infrastructure, and methodologies collaboratively or as their own R&D team.


Secure Mobility and Automated CSfC Enforcement with Booz Allen’s District Defend®

Decision makers from the tactical edge to the office rely on secure mobile technology to access classified services. District Defend® is a security platform installed on devices below the operating system that keeps data, devices, and networks secure with intelligent safeguards tailored to enterprise security rules. As part of our NSA-compliant solution, District Defend® automates Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) enforcement to leverage commercial technology for end-to-end security. In the field, tactical CSfC solution deploys ruggedized servers and devices across multiple networks (Wi-Fi, 5G, satellite, radio) for always-on, zero trust security at the edge.

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