Cyber Warfighting and Special Operations Forces (SOF)

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The Future of Warfighting: Cyber Enabling Convergence
To achieve convergence, the joint force will need to accelerate its transition to a data-centric force; transform its warfighting networks and infrastructure; reimagine decision tools, processes, and training; and implement the SOF, Space, and Cyber forces Triad.
The Future of Warfighting: SOF-Cyber Training
Elite cyber forces
Integrating cyber capabilities into SOF will take time, resources, and partnerships. Here are some opportunities to accelerate this effort.
Elite cyber forces
The Future of Warfighting: Integrated Cyber Weapons
As the Department of Defense (DOD) procures new cyber warfighting capabilities for an all-domain operating environment, the Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture (JCWA) concept is adapting to achieve not just interoperability—the power to share data among all systems or core components of the joint architecture—but also true integration.

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