China’s Cyberattack Strategy Explained

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Learn how China’s cyberattacks threaten U.S. security and critical infrastructure and discover ways to mitigate your risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are China's cyber capabilities and intentions?

China is capable of cyber-enabled espionage, influence operations, and cyberattacks that can cause disruption and destruction. China uses cyber operations to pursue its national goals by engaging with rivals below the threshold of war. 

Is China a cyber threat to the United States?

Yes. China uses cyberattacks below the threshold of war. For instance, it has targeted U.S. critical infrastructure to deter the U.S. from getting involved in the event of a conflict in its region. Even companies that aren’t direct targets of China could face cascading risks. For instance, future attacks could be disruptive for companies with global supply chains—either on purpose or inadvertently.

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