Supporting Warrior Athletes in Adaptive Sports with Human Performance Workshops, Immersive Training, and More

Empowering Warrior Athletes

Global sponsor and tech integrator of the 2024 Warrior Games

At Booz Allen, we’re committed to supporting the nation’s wounded, ill, or injured active duty and veteran U.S. military service members on their journey of recovery, readiness, and resilience. As a leading tech integrator and mission-focused sponsor of the 2024 Warrior Games, we celebrate the brave determination of these warrior athletes—in adaptive sports, global competition, and beyond.

The Warrior Games are so much more than a game for the entire community. It is a positive and supportive environment where the enduring spirit of the nation’s warrior community thrives. We’re proud to play a role in their journey and to honor those who serve or have served and now compete.

Watch to learn how Booz Allen proudly supports the warrior community at the Warrior Games.

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The Warrior Games. They call them games, but they're so much more. They're a journey of healing and recovery for those who have served and sacrificed for our country. Booz Allen is proud to be a part of their journey. We arm warriors with innovation. Optimize their training. And empower them with technology. But it's about more than just gadgets and gear. It's about supporting a community where we lift each other up. Pushing each other towards shared goals. We know that everything these warriors do on the field of competition, each battle won or lost... is powered by their resilience. Driven by a belief in each other. And fought with a champion's heart. That's why Booz Allen is proud to sponsor the Warrior Games. 

“Warrior Games is more than a competition. It is a testament to the enduring warrior ethos of our military and veteran community. From delivering human performance technology and coaching to proudly sponsoring both the Warrior Games and Team U.S. at Invictus, it’s undoubtedly the champion’s heart of these fierce competitors that inspires us to empower people to change the world.”

Enhancing Athletic Performance with Integrated Tools & Technologies

With a champion’s heart, we empower the mental and physical wellbeing of warrior athletes. In the competitive adaptive sports arena of the Warrior Games, we provide innovative technology, such as Oura Ring wearables, and design immersive and AI-enabled training to boost the athletes’ recovery and human performance.

This year, our accelerated readiness and human performance teams are holding mastery workshops for warrior athletes competing at the ESPN Athletics Center. These immersive workshops are focused on priming the athletes for competition, optimizing performance, and fueling their recovery.

“Warrior athletes are continuously pushing themselves to new heights. Booz Allen is proud to support their journey—empowering them with AI-infused technology and data to speed resilience, readiness, and recovery.”

See Our Support at the 2023 Warrior Games

Empowering the Military Community

Above and beyond the tech and data-driven insights we bring to warrior athletes, we continue our long-standing work with nonprofits and community partners—raising awareness of the tough challenges military service members, veterans, and their families face and how these challenges impact force readiness. And we’re also helping to instill in military members a stronger sense of connection and belonging.

Our Enduring Commitment

Nearly 30% of Booz Allen’s almost 34,000 employees are military connected. As a result, our steadfast support of military members is close to our hearts. In addition, giving back to the military community through our sponsorship with the Warrior Games and related efforts goes hand in hand with our purpose: empowering people to change the world. As we empower warrior athletes on their recovery journey, we continue to be inspired by their sacrifices, their stories, and their strength.

NOTE: No U.S. Army or federal endorsement implied.

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