Delivering and Prototyping Emerging Tech Stack Solutions Across Five Focus Areas:

Training and Readiness

Tech Stack: Human Performance, Enterprise IoT

Deploying human performance technology and approaches in response to readiness strategy requirements and new training horizons

Spatial Computing and Dynamic Simulation

Tech Stack: XR, Digital Twin​

Blending the physical and virtual worlds in line with client mission use cases and objectives to introduce a new paradigm of interaction

Next G Networks

Tech Stack: 5G, 6G

Designing and building advanced networks to support early adoption of 5G and integration with SATCOM and optical; researching and conducting early experimentation with 6G-based technologies

Next-Generation Cloud

Tech Stack: Automation Ecosystem, Edge Cloud

Implementing edge cloud technologies, integrated with 5G; sustainability initiatives; and tactical deployments; enabling AI-based intelligent automation for more effective, resilient, and efficient operations

Advanced Computing

Tech Stack: Quantum Computing

Exploring post-quantum cryptography use cases and infrastructure in the quantum sensing research areas and ensuring broad AI adoption and integration

More About Our Tech Expertise

Applying quantum technologies to meet mission challenges

quantum computing icon

Quantum Computing

Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) provides agencies with new solutions to mission challenges.

Engineering your AI future

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is not a single technology breakthrough. It is a complex integration of people, processes, and technology that empowers organizations to focus on their missions.

Pioneering comprehensive cybersecure 5G solutions

5G technology icon

5G Technology

Fifth-generation mobile technology (5G) is more than just an emergent network technology; it’s a revolutionary enabler for the future of global business, industry, government, and national security.

Your competitive edge to operate, predict, and plan for real-world impact

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Digital Twin

In industries from defense to healthcare, digital twins are helping organizations seize today and get ahead of tomorrow by reimagining their approaches to design, planning, and operations.

From data to decisions at the tactical edge

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Edge Computing Solutions

The power of edge computing is transforming the modern mission. Instead of relying on connectivity or waiting for information from the operation center, it’s enabling rapid access to data far beyond the centralized or connected IT network.

Advancing the mission with immersive technology

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Immersive Solutions

Immersive technology is transforming the way we learn, live, and connect. We’re inventing immersive solutions that help people make smarter, faster decisions to improve performance and yield better, more efficient outcomes.

Harness the scale and speed of cloud to drive digital transformation

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Cloud Solutions

As an end-to-end cloud solutions partner and managed services provider, we transform government and commercial infrastructures into experience-driven cloud environments with comprehensive security and automation configured from the start.

New tech prepares soldiers for the future battlefield

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Human Performance Training for Military Missions

Tomorrow’s battlefield is digital, requiring warfighters to share intelligence and wield combat power effectively across multiple domains.

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