Scalable, Enterprise AI

MLOps Built for the Mission

aiSSEMBLE is Booz Allen’s holistic, lean software development toolkit for designing, building, and fielding AI solutions across the engineering lifecycle, including:

  • Processing data (DataOps) and extracting features
  • Building, training, and tuning models (MLOps)
  • Realizing secure operational deployment (DevSecOps)

The aiSSEMBLE Baseline is the foundational toolkit that integrates and powers our government-tailored MLOps approach for solution delivery as a series of reusable, flexible, and extensible software components. It uses intelligent automation to generate 50% or more of the code needed to field a functioning solution. This capability enables rapid development of fit-for-purpose solutions meeting unique mission needs via a common software baseline that maximizes quality, ensures consistency, and reduces delivery risk.  

Building Scalable, Flexible, and Explainable AI Systems with aiSSEMBLE

As clients address the challenges of integrating, evolving, and rapidly scaling new and emerging AI capabilities, Booz Allen assists clients with the transition from idea to impact with aiSSEMBLE to achieve high-impact, enduring results. aiSSEMBLE offers you:

  • A shorter timeline for standing up new AI projects
  • The ability to start small and grow big with an executable architecture that simplifies system design
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs
  • The flexibility needed to future-proof your solution by replacing components as needed
  • An explainable, transparent solution that delivers mission-specific outcomes

aiSSEMBLE in Action

When you work with Booz Allen, we set aiSSEMBLE in motion so you realize system quality and performance benefits as quickly as possible.

aiSSEMBLE  Develop Purpose-Built, Best-of-Breed AI Solutions in Just Four Steps  •	Blueprint  aiSSEMBLE engineers identify the relevant design patterns within our reference architecture and draw upon proven solution blueprints to create a solution design to best address mission requirements and complement existing project solutions.  •	Prepare We prefabricate the target solution based on the Blueprint and selecting software components from the aiSSEMBLE library. The library is continually refreshed and expanded to address new and emerging requirements.  •	Fabricate  aiSSEMBLE uses intelligent automation to configure and integrate the selected components in a scalable and secure manner; industrializing the process accelerates initial solution delivery and boosts overall quality dramatically.  •	Deliver  aiSSEMBLE packages the solution with built-in compatibility for the most common hosting environments, including cloud, on-premises, and edge deployments to enable flexible, seamless operations at enterprise scale.

aiSSEMBLE Baseline, Open-Source Edition

Accelerating AI Adoption via Open-Source Availability

Booz Allen recognizes the urgency clients bring to adopting AI at the enterprise level and their need to ensure mission-critical performance and sustainable operations. To expand access to best-of-breed AI solution development, we have made aiSSEMBLE’s foundational code and documentation publicly available as open-source technology on GitHub.

aiSSEMBLE is designed to future-proof client solutions, and the Booz Allen Public License (BAPL) provides additional confidence in the long-term portability of solutions developed using this technology. Specifically, the BAPL allows government, nonprofit, academic, and commercial entities to use and adapt aiSSEMBLE Baseline for the public good, independent of Booz Allen. Under the BAPL, users are prohibited from commercializing the technology without Booz Allen’s permission and must acknowledge Booz Allen copyright. 

Booz Allen will continue to invest in aiSSEMBLE, including aiSSEMBLE Baseline, as the firm’s primary AI development and management solution. Our continued support and maintenance of aiSSEMBLE Baseline are expected to include both new feature enhancements and defect fixes, with these updates regularly donated to the community via the GitHub repository.  

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