Charting the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Applied research and mission innovation inspire tomorrow

Booz Allen’s artificial intelligence (AI) leadership is driven by our mission focus and sustained commitment to applied research and scientific discovery. Our dedication to these priorities keeps us at the forefront of technological advancement, allowing us to anticipate and help our clients capitalize on emerging trends.

Our approach to AI research often begins with an opportunity to solve a difficult problem: an algorithm too slow to scale for the government’s data, a mission need that has no solution, or the physical restrictions on running applications on a truck in a disconnected environment. By focusing on the hardest problems our clients face in fulfilling their missions and serving the public, we inspire and empower a diverse set of researchers to bring their unique talents fully to bear in solving the nation’s most critical challenges.

Fostering a Research-Driven AI Culture

Explore how Booz Allen places research and innovation at the forefront of our AI culture:

Booz Allen experts produce world-class AI research on topics of national importance.

As the number-one provider of AI services to the nation, Booz Allen is a magnet for some of the world’s best AI researchers, who seek to transform their technical vision into real-world innovation and tangible mission outcomes. Our researchers focus their tremendous talent and expertise on solving specific challenges of national importance, such as improving healthcare, combating climate change, and safeguarding the nation. As evidence of their rigor and impact, Booz Allen researchers have published over 100 papers on emerging AI topics in peer-reviewed conferences and journals like Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) and the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR).  

We anticipate mission needs and partner with forward-thinking industry, startup, and academic leaders focused on innovation, safety, security, and progress. For example, we actively collaborate with computer science labs and math departments at Harvard University, Syracuse University, the Montreal-based Mila Institute, and other organizations. And our university-wide master collaboration agreement with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, lets Booz Allen practitioners work on interdisciplinary projects with any professor from any department.

We maintain world-class technical capabilities that open new avenues for research.

We invest in advanced computing infrastructure to support specific client projects and to expand internal research opportunities. For example, our teams use a state-of-the-art graphics processing unit (GPU) cluster to explore their areas of research focus across AI-related disciplines, from AI security and malware detection to computer vision, generative AI, and more. Investing in AI also means investing in data that enables our teams to lead in producing new research and solving real-world problems in cancer pain detection, cybersecurity, and robotics

We provide mentoring and ongoing opportunities for emerging researchers to explore cutting-edge AI technologies.

A Booz Allen initiative provides computer science and math graduates from universities, including MIT and Harvard, with opportunities to author papers and conduct other research activities. Participants build on their prior undergraduate and graduate coursework and their university research projects to rapidly hone skills and publish findings. We also work with the University of Notre Dame’s ESTEEM program to help members gain learning experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation that build upon their advanced science and engineering backgrounds.

Diversity across our sector-leading team drives game-changing innovations.

Exceptional solutions never come from doing the same thing the way it’s always been done. That’s why we recruit from a diverse set of backgrounds, skills, and potential to develop a breadth of internal knowledge. From linguists to machine learning engineers, university interns to Ph.D.s, fresh thoughts and novel perspectives allow us to develop technical strategies that bridge the gap between today’s need and tomorrow’s solution. Whether it’s serving the public more efficiently, turning raw data into intelligence insights, strengthening public health, or thwarting adversaries in cyberspace and on the battlefield, our diverse teams work collaboratively to drive research with real-world impact.

Review over 100 research papers from Booz Allen experts and explore career opportunities to learn more about how we engineer the next AI solutions based on peer-reviewed research and practical innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI research covers a wide gamut of low-level performance optimization, novel deep learning, reproducibility, and other issues informed by the needs of real-world deployments. 

Learn more about our AI research.

Health and Responsible AI

Our research in fairness and ethics is largely driven by our experience in health and medical applications, working to tackle both technical and policy issues. 

Learn more about our health and responsible AI research.

Security and Privacy

Our cybersecurity practice has shown that many off-the-shelf and best practices in machine learning and deep learning don’t translate to cybersecurity data. Because of this, we often develop new methods to meet the larger scale, non-independent, and identically distributed nature of real data. Many times, the low-latency and low-power requirements of being deployed on a network means custom code is needed to satisfy real-time requirements.

Learn more about our security and privacy research.

Quantum Information Sciences

Quantum technologies are unlocking powerful opportunities and threat vectors across all missions. Our quantum experts work closely with our mission partners on research to better understand, advance, and unlock these opportunities while also working aggressively to counter the cybersecurity threats these technologies may pose.

Learn more about our quantum information sciences research.

Meet Our Researchers

Our researchers create a culture to empower engineers and data scientists to innovate while we continue to move AI forward into the future.

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