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Booz Allen Digital transforms and modernizes the world’s largest, and most dynamic organizations. Our mission has always been to help clients find the best path to success. Our open attitude and enterprise view help clients master their digital challenges, and deliver solutions with scale and agility.

Download the Open Performance storybook to learn more about how Booz Allen opens the performance of clients by transitioning them from closed, proprietary systems into open, agile enterprises.




Open doesn’t just mean open source

Our commitment to open runs on a few small beliefs. Communities can provision better software faster than a company can on its own. Even Booz Allen. Open code is rendered in swagger. Vendor lock-in hurts. And open systems create better performance for clients than a proprietary one.

But to us, open doesn’t just mean open source. We start with open architectures that vanquish inflexible enterprises and allow your system to easily connect to other devices, apps, and systems. We’re committed to open standards that enable communities to raise up great ideas together. Our participation in open communities extends us the freedom to explore, examine, and scout new ideas from a global ecosystem. And we work with open data to develop a richer understanding of the world around us.

Knowledge that powers your future

We have always been pioneers. While innovators improve on today’s ideas, pioneers define the paradigm of tomorrow. Today, we’re helping organizations transition their enterprise architectures from closed systems to open agile enterprises, while rebooting the software development practices that support it. We will continue to chart the digital path, just as we have plotted the course for generations.

Digital Vanguard

Our community of digital technologists is changing the way our clients think about, assemble, ship, and run software. They’re changing the way we think about it, too.

From cloud experts to data scientists, Ruby and Hadoop developers to security engineers and experience designers, it’s a community with license to open new perspectives and with freedom to explore new partnerships and reuse code and ideas.

Our Digital Vanguard is tightly integrated but loosely coupled. We don’t stifle their creativity. We simply ask them to set the standards for our open practice.

Booz Allen DevOps

We have a fierce belief that open technologies coupled with open attitudes can still propel our clients forward. But faster, more dependable provisioning hinges on better teamwork between development and operations, and the intimate appreciation for underlying business needs. Booz Allen DevOps help our clients map their thinking and communicate their intent.

It’s a technique for software delivery that is jointly assembled. It’s a movement for continuous delivery that demands dedication and practiced team persistence.

Booz Allen STAGE

Despite that many overlaps exist among systems, security, and operating requirements, the building blocks for software development have remained siloed and disparate. What’s needed is an environment that combines requirements, code, and standards to connect, interact, and function universally. No cast or crew was ever commissioned to stage a production, without a stage. Why should you?

Direct your production with Booz Allen STAGE. Assemble and provision apps faster. Apply community services and open APIs to easily build your software in a single, secure environment. Simplify and expedite the process by automating the provisioning, installation, and configuration of assets and capabilities. Spend less time building environments, and more time building business value.

Booz Allen STAGE makes it cheaper to deploy and maintain services, improves flexibility and security, and accelerates new services and capabilities across your enterprise.

A better approach to solving enterprise challenges

Our digital services blend strategy, creative, technology and analytics solutions to help clients master their digital challenges. Powered by an open network of partners, every client mission is advanced by exactly what’s needed to push their business forward.


Transition organizations to the digital enterprise, manage digital investments, and grow their digital practices


Integrate and modernize digital architecture, application development, platforms, and infrastructure to create original value


Blend agile development with user-centered design, visual design, and brand strategy to create powerful digital experiences


Lead with business needs and business experts to find better meaning and value in data

Capabilities That Move You

Customers expect more from digital services. Engagement, experience, and interaction have become the driving forces for how organizations design software and applications. That’s why we’ve focused our five capability areas to power our digital services. From social media platforms to mobile applications, from web analytics to cloud services, user experience strategy and interface design, all our product and service offerings are meticulously delivered with the scale and agility to be integrated enterprise-wide, as needed.



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