Booz Allen and ServiceNow: Meeting Your Workflow Needs

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a platform for providing organizations the digital workflows they need. With ServiceNow, organizations can adopt out-of-the-box processes—and refocus precious time on identifying service-improvement opportunities through automation, integration, and orchestration. 

What’s more, Booz Allen integrates ServiceNow with other low-code platform solutions that help clients implement effective IT strategies designed to meet current and future needs. This integration enables faster, more robust development of applications, which results in more rapid innovation while lowering barriers to customer adoption. 

Booz Allen has extensive expertise in enterprise transformation across the federal government, and the private sector. Our ServiceNow implementation work includes, for example, the Department of Homeland Security's Continuous Diagnostics Mitigation (CDM) program. For our clients, we leverage a range of ServiceNow modules to implement tailored solutions for integrated risk management, human resources, customer service management, IT service management, IT business management, IT operations management, security operations, and beyond. We bring client mission and functional experts across a range of IT capabilities: 

Low Code/No Code (LC/NC)

Booz Allen has invested in a LC/NC Center of Excellence to provide insights, guidance, expertise, and leading practices to support the growth of LC/NC development in the federal government. We bring significant capabilities and lessons learned in ServiceNow implementation, Cross Domain Shared Services Framework (CDSSF) solutions, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) best practices, and DevSecOps.
Our developers utilize modern development techniques to rapidly deliver ServiceNow solutions. We transform legacy applications into modern solutions—and bring in user experience (UX) experts to help customer-facing service portals look amazing.
Our cybersecurity professionals understand challenges and how to utilize ServiceNow security operations solutions to increase the value of existing cybersecurity investments. We optimize asset inventory and reporting for clients using ServiceNow asset management capabilities for hardware and software, providing clients with broad visibility to secure assets. We also enable risk management automation with the integrated risk management solution.
Consultants help clients boost recruiting, onboarding, development, and retention with ServiceNow’s human resources service management solutions. We also help organizations drive ServiceNow adoption with strategic communications and organizational change-management techniques.

Through our close partnership with ServiceNow and our many successes across our client portfolios, Booz Allen helps clients use ServiceNow’s functions to achieve strategic goals and introduce workflows designed to meet future needs. These solutions enable faster, more robust development of applications, giving organizations greater agility to counter emerging challenges.

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