OT and ICS Cybersecurity

Booz Allen's Experience By the Numbers

200+ experienced OT cybersecurity practitioners

15 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors supported

40+ GICSP and GRID certification holders


300+ OT cybersecurity assessments conducted

8 of top 20 global pharmaceutical OT cybersecurity programs supported

100+ OT-focused threat detection analytics developed

Cyber Lab Environments


Production ICS/OT environments contain a variety of specialized equipment and software, while often facing strict engineering and change control processes. By mirroring these technologies in our labs, we're able to replicate real-world environments to test new products, validate vulnerabilities, demonstrate attacks, and test out security solutions—before we implement them.

Cutting-Edge Approach to OT and ICS Security

Our adversaries are getting smarter, stealthier, and are targeting OT/ICS like never before. Securing critical OT/ICS infrastructure from today’s advancing threats requires cutting-edge and innovative approaches. At Booz Allen, we take best practices and innovations developed across the federal and commercial space to solve complex challenges and stay one step ahead of the adversary.

Working with some of the world’s leading OT/ICS cybersecurity solutions providers, integrators, and OT vendors, we have developed cutting-edge solutions to secure your OT/ICS infrastructure. From integrating security into all stages of the system lifecycle to detecting and responding to advanced cyber threats, we build solutions to endure.

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