The Software Studio


Innovative Mission-Centered Software Solutions
Observing the entire federal mission landscape, Software Studio identifies mission categories poised to benefit from particular emerging technology and innovation spaces and builds functional prototypes that harness those technologies into modular, user-friendly, and integration-ready software-based solutions that are tailored to specific mission needs.
Innovative Software Development Tools & Frameworks
Combining best-in-class expertise in federal missions, emerging technologies, and modern software delivery, we leverage innovations in AI, machine learning, and other cutting-edge tech spaces into mission-focused software development tools, processes, and frameworks for faster, more precise and responsive software-based capability delivery practices from the most powerful technologies of today and tomorrow.

What We’re Working On

Our proven approach to incubating emerging technologies and software innovation emphasizes mission needs, human-centered design, and seamless integration. Here are just a few examples of the applications, frameworks, tools, and methodologies that we are currently optimizing for use in a variety of federal mission spaces:

AI-Assisted Software Development

Our software factory approach enables us to assemble prototypes through solution baselines, quickly setting up environments to test, tailor, and customize capabilities for specific mission needs.                                   

Human-Centered AI Design & Integration

Our customer experience specialists—researchers, designers, strategists, and developers—fuse human-centered design, digital, and data science expertise to connect enterprise IT strategies with real customer outcomes.

Combining Mission, Software, and Emerging Technology Expertise

With specialized mission needs and unique agency operating environments, technology expertise alone does not cut it in the federal IT space. Our Software Studio teams bring together elite developers, emerging technology thought leaders, and mission experts who possess extensive hands-on experience with agency cultures, policies, and processes. In partnership with Booz Allen’s BrightLabs applied research program, as well as our tech scouts and our wider software development business, Software Studio delivers products and capabilities that integrate seamlessly and have immediate impact.

A Software Innovation Hub with Coast-to-Coast Reach

With technology hubs in Charleston, South Carolina; Melbourne, Florida; and Huntsville, Alabama, the Software Studio employs elite technologists locally and across the nation.

Our shared fluency in remote collaboration technologies means that we can work together from anywhere to incubate and integrate emerging technologies and innovations with the speed and scale that missions demand, no matter where in the U.S. their operations are located.

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