Mission Data Environments for Intelligence

Addressing Mission Needs

Booz Allen is ready to help IC clients design and build next-generation mission data environments. We can help you:

  • Develop data mesh capabilities that let authorized users access sensitive data without requiring a central repository
  • Enable secure sharing, compartmentalization, and permissioning
  • Deploy analytics at scale to enrich data and accelerate mission workflows
  • Increase data accessibility and processing at the edge
  • Maximize the power of AI, including generative AI

For example, we can help IC clients figure out how to safely bring powerful large language models (LLM) into IC environments, connect them to sensitive data, and apply them to mission use cases like targeting and analysis. With the right foundation, organizations can harness the ability of LLMs to synthesize insights at enterprise scale and mission speed, empowering human experts to focus on higher order analysis and decisions.

Leveraging Proven Solutions

Booz Allen has the deep mission understanding, technical ability, and leading approaches needed to design and build mission data environments that address tomorrow’s IC mission challenges. Our experience in three areas is particularly important:

Secure Data Sharing at Scale


The Department of Defense and Booz Allen developed Advana, which drives informed decision making through common data models, natural language discovery, and self-service analytics. We help clients treat data as a product and explore data mesh solutions to advance missions with generative AI. 

Zero Trust Implementation

Zero trust is a security mindset that protects high-value assets in real time. Booz Allen enables organizations to move to a zero trust architecture (ZTA) at scale and overcome common ZTA implementation challenges. Our cloud-first zero trust data exchange (ZDX) solution for mission partner enablement includes secure conditional network access; secure data access and sharing; secure application and services access; and strong federated identity, credential, and access management.

AI Services for Missions

Booz Allen is the number-one provider of AI services to the U.S. government, according to GovWin from Deltek, a leading market intelligence organization. Our global network of AI practitioners consists of more than 2,100 data scientists and engineers, AI researchers and solution architects, and machine learning engineers, including approximately 200 Ph.D.s. Our teams deliver safe, secure, and trustworthy AI solutions that address critical mission needs.

Focusing on National Security Outcomes

The IC must outpace and outsmart adversaries in the race to maximize the value of data, AI, and other emerging technologies. At Booz Allen, we’re focused on modernizing data environments to sustain that advantage by accelerating the sharing of data products, securing data assets with next-generation ZTA principles, and unlocking the sweeping mission potential of AI. Our unique experience and ability can help the IC develop mission data environments designed to meet tomorrow’s national security challenges.

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