Scaled, Enterprise Software for Homeland Security Missions

Enterprise Software for Homeland Security Missions

Mission-focused software development at enterprise scale

Securing the U.S. homeland is a complex mission that depends on an interconnected web of highly secure, never-fail technology systems. These systems must be capable of scaling and performing under massive loads to reliably deliver the right information and capabilities to the right people when and where they need it. It is imperative to deliver systems that allow officers to make data-informed decisions quickly and easily.

Software factories, product line management, and other modern software delivery practices are key to transforming and maintaining these systems. By accelerating time to delivery, simplifying IT operations, and promoting enterprise technology standardization, a modern software delivery capability serves to empower teams throughout the enterprise with the seamlessly compatible, never-fail tools they need to overcome operational siloes and smoothly collaborate across interrelated missions

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Software Factories: A Foundation for Scaling Agile Across Government

Booz Allen builds software factories and applies the broader practices of modern software development, allowing our clients to architect and maintain systems that empower mission-critical inter-program, intra-agency collaboration. Our tried-and-true software factory framework facilitates the standup and operation of mission-tailored application assembly lines that introduce and share standardized platform efficiencies to save development teams from having to solve the same problems repeatedly. By standardizing, accelerating, automating, and modularizing key elements of enterprise-scale software development and delivery, software factories help us ensure that our clients’ critical, high-load mission systems can always deliver, no matter the circumstances.

As Homeland Security agencies work to evolve their technology systems, certain needs and associated challenges have shown to be common across agencies. They include:

  • High availability systems—Agencies must continue to embrace and embed the tools, architectures, and practices that enable critical mission platforms and applications to remain up and running 24/7/365
  • Data enablement—Governed, user-friendly, enterprise-wide access to and use of high-quality data to inform decisions and improve mission outcomes must continue to increase
  • Mission-critical software delivery—The tools, talents, and best practices of modern software delivery must continue to become the norm for mission-critical application delivery, operations, and maintenance
  • Agile transformation—Agencies must continue to embrace agile transformation practices to empower all of the above

We have helped plan, build, and run enterprise-scaled software delivery programs at a variety of agencies with a diverse array of missions. 

A Software Factory for the Veterans Benefits Administration

One example of our work in this area is the standup of one of the largest scaled agile undertakings in government for the Veterans Benefits Administration within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Using portfolio and product line management, software factories, and other modern software delivery practices, we helped the agency mobilize 250 agile teams in the continuous development, delivery, and deployment across five product lines and 15 applications that each play critical, interconnected roles in the overall experience of veterans seeking VA services throughout their lifetimes. 

Trusted in Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community

All agencies and missions have unique demands and special requirements that must be factored into the design and function of the technology systems that support them. Booz Allen has been a key partner of the Department of Homeland Security since it was created. We understand the agency, its mission, its operations, and its culture. By developing technology to operate at the speed of the mission, we ensure that the administrative burden on officers is alleviated for them to focus on their safety and those of the travelers.

As a trusted partner of law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community, we understand the intricacies of such missions and their exacting requirements in the areas of information security and organization. With decades of experience providing hands-on support to law enforcement and homeland security missions, we support critical case management systems for federal law enforcement agencies, and know how to build and maintain secure IT environments that safely and instantly deliver information and capability wherever they may be needed. 

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