Top 10 Emerging Technologies for DOD and National Security

For the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), addressing this challenge increasingly means rapidly identifying, adopting, prototyping, and fielding dual-use commercial technology. Fortunately, the resources DOD needs are already at its fingertips: the United States is home to the largest, most dynamic, and most innovative technology ecosystem in the world.

In a new, special edition report to Velocity magazine, Top 10 Emerging Technologies for DOD and National Security, Booz Allen experts explore 10 dual-use technologies—from autonomous swarms and post-quantum cryptography to space domain awareness tech and more—that we see as critical for our defense clients to harness over the next several years. Part of Booz Allen’s Velocity thought leadership series, the report also highlights developing tech trends defense leaders should be aware of as well as the promising startups that are disrupting legacy systems and could usher in a new future for both commercial and military applications.

Blending our own analysis with perspectives from federal, academic, and venture capital leaders from Washington, DC, to Silicon Valley, this comprehensive research:

  • Provides clarity on the underlying technologies
  • Helps defense stakeholders prioritize the ever-expanding labyrinth of emerging technologies, ecosystems, and nomenclature
  • Illuminates how the emerging trends and associated early innovators may have major implications in the future battlespace

The evaluation and adoption of emerging technology are essential for DOD in carrying out critical missions. Top 10 Emerging Technologies for DOD and National Security helps agency leaders identify leading companies and disruptions, explore urgent use cases, and vet technology research and integration strategies. Download the report to access new insights into harnessing emerging technology for defense missions today.

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