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Insights for Federal Innovators

Across today's technology landscape, complexity is everywhere. But so are opportunities to streamline and simplify, find inspiration, and harness emerging solutions at mission speed.

Welcome to Velocity—Booz Allen’s annual publication that dissects the unique issues at the center of mission and innovation. Experts from Booz Allen, academia, industry, and the startup community provide analysis tailored for the public sector and share stories of agency transformation unfolding in the moment. In this inaugural issue, we examine the topic of trust, and key challenges in designing valuable, reliable, and ethical solutions of tomorrow. 

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Expand the Art of the Possible

“From countering adversaries abroad to increasing trust with the American public, federal agencies are ready to push the envelope, apply new technologies, and collaborate across industry to create mission advantage.”

As leaders in government look to the future, what are perceived barriers to innovation? What new investments are anticipated? To inform this year’s areas of study, Booz Allen asked 200 IT decision makers and leaders across agencies to share their perspectives on what’s next for federal innovation (Source: 2022 Market Connections survey for Booz Allen).

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63% 63%

63% of federal technology leaders say budget and funding will have the greatest impact on how they access and apply technology in the next 5 years

Two Thirds Two Thirds

2 in 3 federal technology leaders believe that artificial intelligence, relative to other technologies, will have the most transformative impact on how missions are executed within their organizations between now and 2027

53% 53%

More than half of federal technology leaders (53%) say that technical roles in the area of cybersecurity are the most difficult to fill against today’s mission needs

9% 9%

When agencies look to collaborate or seek out technical innovation, only 9% access partnerships with startups and small businesses, federal technology leaders report

2023 Areas of Exploration

In this issue of Velocity, we examine broad trends in society and around the world, provide insights and stories from mission environments where the paradigm is shifting, and analyze technical opportunities and challenges that are emerging in the public sector.

Keys to a Trusted Technology Ecosystem

We explore the theme of trust.

Trust provides the foundation for the complex interactions that tie people and organizations together, cementing the bonds and collaborations that make progress possible. For the federal government, an erosion of trust limits the ability to deliver meaningful public services, carry out transformational missions, and sustain democratic values. For the nation to flourish, emerging technologies must be applied with purpose and care so that organizations continuously evaluate modernization through the lens of trust, from Web3 to post-quantum cryptography. Read on to find out why innovation today is all about investing in a future of trust in digital society. 

What Mission Transformation Really Looks Like

We track real-world mission advances happening today.

The technology tools that delivered advantage yesterday need refinement and expansion to avoid obsolescence. And with the rapid pace of technological change, there’s less time than ever for organizations to vet, adopt, and operationalize new mission capabilities. As new opportunities emerge within the federal government, what do mission leaders need to know about accessing the startup community to find emerging technology they can trust? What lessons have agencies across sectors learned about how to get the most from technology investments even as missions evolve? Explore Velocity’s in-depth articles for more mission-specific analysis. 

A Bright Future Shaped by Emerging Technology

We dissect technology’s present state to see its future more clearly.

Today, government faces the challenge of ensuring that it can tap into a thriving, robust technology ecosystem at a moment’s notice. Mission innovation must always be at the fingertips of agency leaders—with technologies that are fully realized, transformative, and ready for seamless adoption. To deliver on this promise, agencies should explore use cases in areas like quantum computing, digital twins, and the Metaverse. Meanwhile, traditional and non-traditional innovation partners need to collaborate differently to accelerate agency transformation and support the nation’s most critical systems—for enhanced service to the public and for continued advantage on the global stage. In Velocity, experts on the front lines provide technical analysis and insights for federal leaders and for the partners helping to reimagine society.

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