QuickLook: 360-degree Organizational Assessment

How QuickLook Works

In providing an actionable snapshot of an organization’s current state, a QuickLook report covers four primary sections: 

  1. Core Process Assessment: Analysis and findings are described using a core process assessment scorecard. Each scorecard breaks down processes into supporting capabilities, providing analysis, key evidence, and overall findings.
  2. Community Analysis: Stakeholders are brought in to define a vision for the organization, leading to the development of a target model that describes key attributes of the organization’s recommended future state.
  3. Organization and Staffing Assessment: Current organizational structure is delineated, assessing the organization’s current and future business activities. QuickLook also makes the appropriate workforce recommendations based on organizational misalignment, capability, and staffing gaps.
  4. Maturity Roadmap and Recommendations: Prioritized recommendations are presented for each of the four dimensions—people, process, technology, and infrastructure—and used to support the development of a transition roadmap.

Put QuickLook to work for your organization

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