Transform Defense With Next-Generation Data Solutions

Challenges Revolving Around Data

As DOD organizations deploy data platforms and systems focused on information superiority, they face major obstacles at the enterprise level, the tactical level, and at the point of conflict where rapid communication is most critical, such as vulnerable data at the edge, stovepiped data, and an explosion of data from various sources.

A Federated, Government-Owned Data Platform Is the Solution

With the government in control of technology, DOD can connect disparate data platforms and tactical networks across domains through a suite of technologies, including a federated, open-architecture solution; advanced analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning; and edge data services.

Benefits of Next-Generation Data Solutions

This flexible approach enables DOD to pivot at the speed of need—and sustain information supremacy amid the uncertain times ahead by enabling warfighters to achieve the mission faster, even in multidomain environments, accelerating situational awareness, and ensuring the future of warfare is agile.

“A government-owned data fabric will let DOD develop and build at the speed of need.”

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Transform Defense With Next-Generation Data Solutions  

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