Experiential Analytics: Design House

Who We Are

We’re a dedicated group of creative strategists including graphic designers, digital content producers, exercise planners, writers, and videographers. Using an integrated approach, we apply diverse skills to enhance Booz Allen’s experiential analytics offerings. 

Design House works in all four methodologies: 

  • Research & Experiments
  • Models & Simulations
  • Wargames
  • Exercises

We use our diverse capabilities as catalysts for problem-solving and innovation. Then we amplify the solution with creativity to help you tell a story in a compelling, immersive way. Our experts work with you throughout the design and development process of your scenario, empowering you to create a memorable experience for your stakeholders.

Our Vision 

We’re here to change the future of experiential analytics. For decades, Booz Allen has conducted research and experiments, developed wargames and exercises, and created models and simulations. Design House is changing the game by customizing projects to elevate your team’s experience.

To get from gap to solution, we begin with a scenario. Without a scenario, it’s just a meeting. Without a medium to make the story real, people can’t engage. Our goal is to create content to immerse players. This can be narration, video, or immersive applications, and low to high tech depending on a client’s preference, budget, and needs.

We can help design and craft your scenario as a narrative or timeline with visuals, sound, and music to bring the story to life. The result is an enhanced experience for your teams inspiring them to engage with the material and ultimately, find solutions to pressing problems. 

Our Capabilities

Our Services

Our services include graphic and design, music and audio, video and animation, and writing.

Our Process

We partner with you to amplify and articulate your stories through creative strategy. Although each project is unique and varies in scope, the foundation of each effort consists of three phases: define, design and develop, and deliver.

Our process includes 3 steps: (1) Define, (2) Design and Develop, and (3) Deliver.

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