Assessments, Exercises, Modeling & Simulation Support

The World Has Dramatically Changed… And DTRA Evolves With It.

An unpredictable future and technologically advanced adversaries have created a complex global environment unlike ever before. As we face unprecedented challenges and utilize critical resources to respond to crises, DTRA’s activities must evolve to ensure readiness to counter unforeseen threats.

DTRA and Booz Allen partnership

DTRA + Booz Allen

DTRA and Booz Allen have a longstanding and successful relationship built on trust. We have had the pleasure of providing support in various capacities and scope to many projects including the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Advisory & Assistance Services (A&AS), the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Situational Awareness, Intelligence, Operations, and Data Visualization Support (CWAS) Program, DTRA IT Services Support (ITSS), and Enterprise IT, Mission IT and Focused Support Decisive Effort (FSDE) Support, among others.

Booz Allen Directorate Support

Booz Allen Directorate Support diagram
Threat mitigation experience

Experience in Threat Mitigation

Addressing global threats requires a continual flow of information, yet military, intelligence, and other organizations operate with differing permissions, authorities and protocols. This siloed approach makes intelligence-sharing more challenging and adversaries harder to spot. Moreover, warfighters need constant training to prepare for new dangers. Booz Allen has a proven history of success in dealing with emerging and evolving threats like improvised explosive devices (IED) and Threat Network Defeat through our unique functionally-matrixed staffing and data-sharing via our Catapult Tool.

Booz Allen, working collaboratively with our government partners, implemented the Global Threat Mitigation Program (GTMP), a complex grouping of work comprised of 13 separate tasks—all focused on mitigating threats.  More than 50 Department of Defense, intelligence community, and federal civilian clients participate, rallied around the motto, “victory through partnership.” Advanced threat assessment is the program’s nucleus. The program disseminates threat information, analysis, and assessments across the 50+ partner organizations, sharing and housing the data using an existing defense information portal. GTMP has become a flagship program. Since it supports military commands in all geographic locations, it provides a model for military organizations to collaborate in new ways.  Our government clients are looking to model future work based on this program’s success.

Booz Allen has supported DTRA for over two decades by grouping together software developers, data analysts, and operators to rapidly develop solutions to emerging threats, getting them out in the field in near-real time as the threat presented itself. That same capability is currently supporting the Department of Homeland Security in the National Targeting Center (NTC).

New Opportunities

A New Opportunity

The Nuclear Enterprise (NE) Directorate of DTRA is in the process of soliciting an Assessments, Exercise, Model and Simulation Support (AEMSS) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) opportunity to be delivered over the span of 10 years and available for customer use across DTRA and beyond. This scope is to include existing work within DTRA to be recompeted as Task Orders under this IDIQ. Booz Allen’s AEMSS team has been specifically designed to pursue this opportunity as a prime contractor. We carefully selected our teaming partners for their extensive experience in DTRA and their long-term business focus on relevant AEMSS services. This contract would allow Booz Allen to more efficiently support planning, coordinating, execution, and evaluation of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN)/Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) training events and exercises and provide Modeling and Simulation (M&S) capabilities for Geographic Combatant Commands, the United States Special Operations Command, Theater Special Operations Commands, and others. Booz Allen’s AEMSS team will ensure that each assessment, exercise, wargaming, and training event will provide  mission impact context to identified vulnerabilities for commanders at all levels.

Why Booz Allen

Why Booz Allen?

Booz Allen has a diverse portfolio of AEMSS-relevant work and decades of specific mission knowledge and direct experience with DTRA and agencies with related CWMD missions. Booz Allen will support DTRA to test concepts in a safe environment, increasing confidence levels and decreasing field test time and costs. This will allow DTRA to better fulfill its mission of providing capabilities that enable DoD warfighters, interagency stakeholders, allies and partners to ensure a credible U.S. nuclear deterrent and the ability to handle WMD threats. Booz Allen has been at the forefront of strategy, technology, and engineering for more than 110 years helping our clients unlock creative solutions for the world’s most complex problems. Testing ideas addresses the critical need to maintain operational capability while making improvements for preparedness. As a client, you will have access to leading wargame and exercise experts with support of more than 33,800 global staff with expertise in diversified fields.

110+ years

Innovative Solutions


Employees Worldwide

Booz Allen has been at the forefront of strategy, technology, and engineering for more than 110 years helping our clients unlock creative solutions for the world’s most complex problems. Testing ideas addresses the critical need to maintain operational capability while making improvements for preparedness. As a client, you will have access to leading wargame and exercise experts with support of more than 27,000 global staff with expertise in diversified fields.

DTRA assessments

Booz Allen will support DTRA in performing a variety of assessments, including the Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessments (JSIVA) and Balanced Survivability Assessments (BSA) of critical national theater systems and architectures. Teams will incorporate experts relevant to the mission, infrastructures, and sites being assessed and conduct objective, technically proficient and relevant, vulnerability assessments to reduce risk to the DoD’s mission essential functions and defense critical assets. Booz Allen will support DTRA’s objective to inform mission commanders of vulnerabilities that could impact mission assurance, along with mitigation and remediation recommendations to preclude adverse consequences; and to decrease impacts and disruptions on field commands by combining assessments where synergy has been demonstrated. 

wargames and exercises

We deliver a broad range of wargames and exercise types, built on the exercise standards of the Department of Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and Department of Defense Joint Event Life Cycle (JELC). Our discussion-based events build partnerships, create a shared understanding of complex challenges, and develop new strategies with strong stakeholder agreement through focused conversations. Our operations-based events are action-based to simulate high-stress, multi-organization, complex incidents and often involve the dispatch of real-world resources in a safe environment.

modeling and simulation

M&S is the use of models, including emulators, prototypes, simulators, and stimulators, either statically or over time, to develop data as a basis for making managerial or technical decisions. It attempts to represent real world processes, equipment, people, activities and environments to explore concepts and refine capability requirements in preparation for field experimentation. M&S tools are also used to capture current and future Joint Chiefs of Staff and military service capabilities, doctrine, and tactics.

amplifying capabilities

Our immersive experiences merge the digital and physical worlds to provide data-driven insights for advanced training, planning, readiness, and operations. We’re accelerating the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and immersive technologies—like augmented and virtual reality—to improve the preparation for and execution of operations. 

success in defense and internationally

Other Defense and International Client Success

  • Conducted the first-ever gathering of the EUCOM Ballistic Missile Defense “ecosystem” that integrated missile defense and cyberspace operations in a contested environment.

  • Supported the Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC) in the development and execution of quick-turn scenario-based events to test and refine emerging concepts aligned with efforts to design the future force.

  • Tested response actions to large-scale threats within key U.S. departments and agencies such as the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE), Joint Staff J8 Warfight­ing Analysis Division, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), and the National Defense University (NDU) Center for Applied Strategic Learning (CASL).

  • Supported the Joint Staff J3 in their Antiterror­ism Executive Seminar since 1998. The seminar is designed to prepare senior leaders on the strategic picture, threat environment, resources available, and other agency capabilities as they pertain to terrorism.

  • Led scenario-based discussions for NATO events and the 30-mem­ber countries including stakehold­ers from the NATO Chiefs of Transformation, the NATO Military Committee, and the defense counselors.

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