Solutions for Addressing the Climate Crisis

Empowering Climate Action

Addressing an issue as complex and multifaceted as the impacts of climate change requires adopting a more systems-oriented view. Protecting the nation and its many communities from growing climate impacts is an urgent task that demands iterative and integrated solutions and committed action from all sectors, public and private. Partnerships must be forged, data siloes must be broken down, science and technology must be advanced, and capabilities must be fielded toward the ability to predict, understand, and act on evolving threats.

We combine mission expertise with transformational technology and scientific approaches to deliver differentiated solutions that address infrastructure resiliency and understand, predict, and combat climate change impacts.

Based on our research and decades of diverse work supporting client missions from across civil government, defense, and intelligence, Booz Allen has developed innovative approaches and solutions in three key areas: 

Climate Intelligence: Powering Climate Understanding, Adaptation, and Resilience

Leveraging open data architectures, artificial intelligence, advanced data integration techniques, and other capabilities, we provide intuitive access to comprehensive climate data and insights to inform government and community-wide decision making. Our support empowers agencies to leverage data science, analytics, crisis communications, resilience diagnostics, digital twinning, regulatory transformation, and other tools to protect lives and property by avoiding, reducing, and rapidly recovering from the impacts of climate change.

Advanced Transportation and Aviation: Leading While on the Move


We help transportation and aviation agencies enhance safety and resilience with solutions such as systems engineering, enterprise architecture, modern information technology (IT), digital solutions, and advanced analytics. Our support enables clients to embrace intelligent transportation systems to improve mobility and safety, as well as innovative approaches for electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles.

Advanced Energy Technologies and Innovation: Accelerating Clean Transition


We help advance government de-carbonization goals using deployment and research and development initiatives to reduce the amount of time it takes to bring new technologies to market. Our solutions help assess critical energy infrastructure vulnerability, and assist with the development of adaptive control strategies to reduce environmental emissions and mitigate threats to energy infrastructure.

Embedding Equity: We harness data-driven approaches, human-centered design, integrated planning, and other capabilities to embed environmental justice in our mission solutions to ensure equitable outcomes for those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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