Climate Intelligence

Booz Allen's Climate Intelligence Ecosystem is a solution for accelerating climate insights and action through open data platforms.

To extract new and actionable insights in the climate resiliency arena, see how Booz Allen is modernizing the climate data value chain.

Open Data Architectures and Interoperability for Cross-Agency Digital Fusion

When properly combined and analyzed, the around-the-clock data flowing to various federal scientific agencies from space-based and terrestrial sensors can provide an encompassing and actionable picture of the past, present, and probable future impacts of climate change. But, for that coherent picture to emerge, all that data needs to be freed up to move easily between agencies and out to the public. 

Booz Allen uses open data platforms to shorten the time it takes to share this information between agencies and get it out to scientists, policymakers, and other end users. 

By design, open architectures make it simple to add or remove microservices and modular components, building in the flexibility to make changes as priorities evolve. To further democratize the data, we use non-proprietary, standard application programming interfaces (API), storing them in industry-standard formats and maintaining them on secure cloud infrastructure so they can be made available for innovative uses by a multitude of stakeholders.

Open data platforms enable the interoperability necessary for digital fusion across mission agencies, improving the ability to make fast, well-informed decisions.  

Smart Edge Processing Accelerates Sensor Ingestion and Scale

The proliferation of sensors and exponential increases in the amount of data being collected daily create a big challenge in extracting usable information from structured and unstructured data and achieving understanding through information fusion. 

Also, extreme weather and other environmental hazards can disrupt the communications channels that deliver data from sensors into the hands of scientists. This can slow or prevent data from being processed, fused, and disseminated at the very moments when it’s most critical. 

By moving computing to the edge, new onboard capabilities such as AI-powered analytics can empower these systems to respond in near-real time, allowing them to make decisions that ensure data is expeditiously delivered to mission scientists. 

With our full-service, integrated, enterprise approach to edge computing, Booz Allen helps organizations achieve mission success at the tactical edge.

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Democratizing Data Informs Climate Resilience

Scalable AI/ML algorithms can help organizations better leverage big data for faster, more informed decision making by enhancing model accuracy and improving model consistency and interpretability. 

AI can also be leveraged for enterprise DataOps and data assimilation. Creating intermediate data products that are curated, analysis-ready, and available to broad stakeholders democratizes the data, and advances solutions through collective ingenuity.

Strengthening this innovation ecosystem is key to enabling climate resilience-related tasks such as identifying and prioritizing risk management strategies, predicting imminent climate threats, preparing for and withstanding climate disruptions, and recovering stronger.   

Booz Allen is the largest provider of AI/ML in the public sector, with more than 120 projects across AI strategy, research and development, and operations. 

Mission, Scientific, and Technological Expertise All in One Place

Digital twins, powered by AI/ML and simulation technology, can empower organizations to explore possibility like never before. In the climate intelligence space, our digital twin solutions do this by providing digital representations of physical environments and allowing stakeholders to run scenarios that test them against specific climate threats. This enables agencies to confidently pursue more agile, innovative, and intelligent ways of achieving missions in the face of evolving challenges.

Ultimately, by combining such advanced, open solutions with experience-born mission insights to accelerate technology transformations, Booz Allen frees science-focused and regulatory agencies to concentrate more on their core missions while staying ahead of climate threats.

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