Master the Mission at I/ITSEC 2023

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Mission-driven scenarios. Real-time metrics.

Empower warfighters to master critical skills, techniques, and procedures with our accelerated readiness solutions. We integrate biometrics from state-of-the-art wearables into immersive tech—delivering a spectrum of data to help commanders, units, and team members speed decision-making and improve performance across the training lifecycle.


Booz Allen’s Extended Reality Analytics Engine (XRAE) provides AI-powered human and machine performance analytics in training and in-theatre. It delivers actionable insights and is easy to use, integrating with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) game and simulation engines.

During this demo, you will take the controls of a Booz Allen aircrew training device that simulates a T-6 Texan trainer aircraft and receive feedback as you fly approaches and formations at Sheppard Air Force Base. Afterward, you will receive your flight debrief with scoring and performance results.

Modular Adaptive Synthetic Controller

The Modular Adaptive Synthetic Controller (MASC) is a virtual environment extension tool that empowers warfighters and commanders to integrate “Go to War” equipment into existing simulation systems.

During this demo, you will see an equipment integration and how this simulation solution delivers low-cost, high-impact outcomes to drive military proficiency and readiness.

Digital Twin

Booz Allen’s digital twin solutions are enabled by a data pipeline, or “digital thread,” that spans the lifecycle of a product or process, providing a single source of truth for use cases, including planning, design, construction, sustainment, and operations. Our solutions address problems before they occur, improve operations, minimize downtime, increase cost savings, and maximize return on investment.

The digital twin demo enables users to quickly visualize approaches and the impact of planning through a timeline tool. The demo shows how our solutions increase situational awareness through data collected from IoT-enabled sensors and cameras and enable data-driven decision-making through collaborative tools, including simulation, annotation, and first-person navigation.

Human Performance SwAP Solution

Booz Allen’s human performance analytics and 3D soldier size, weight, and power (SWaP) capability combine advanced analysis with a 3D holographic display to deliver a multi-user XR experience without a headset. Real-time mission analytics and biometrics help warfighters increase resilience and optimize operations.

During this demo, you’ll see how the solution presents real-time metric loads and SWaP details of soldier loadouts. The solution assimilates data from human performance wearables on an interactive display, seamlessly integrating with Unity and other game engines.

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