Digital Simulation and Training

The Challenge: Limited, Disconnected Training Systems 

Today’s military training is stovepiped, built on legacy systems and incompatible vendor platforms. Applications require manual updates, making them impractical to update for evolving threats such as electromagnetic and cyber warfare. And training exercises are costly to conduct, limited by location, and lack the realism necessary for warfighters to “train as you fight.”

The Solution: A Unified Digital Training Environment

Learn how the Department of Defense (DOD) can adopt an enterprise-level reference architecture that creates a unified digital training environment. Built on a federated data platform, this environment uses an open and connected gaming architecture combining the power of multiple gaming and simulation engines. 

Moreover, the flexible training platform integrates with the powerful XR-SIM gaming solution, allowing developers to build custom scenarios from a reusable repository of data and behaviors. Intuitive interfaces deliver AI-powered, advanced analytics so both trainer and trainee can assess performance. 

This architecture is already in use, allowing military organizations to integrate innovations from any partner—from large defense contractors to Silicon Valley startups. Since DOD owns the technology, it can make adjustments on the fly using flexible application user interfaces.

The Result: Increased Readiness, Lethality, and Survivability

For the first time, DOD will be able to conduct realistic training, planning, and rehearsal across all services anywhere, at any time. Warfighters will experience the feeling of being in a real battle while receiving metrics targeting areas to improve. 

This integrated training will allow the military to elevate multidomain readiness. Most important, DOD can improve performance and rapid decision-making essential for the U.S. and its allies to dominate the future of war. 

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