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Not everyone is willing to take the risks to solve the big problems. Even fewer are equipped to do so. As the world grows more connected and generates exponentially more data, we’ve dared to embrace those complexities, and grown a team of more than 600 data scientists—one of the largest in the market—who think bigger, push further, and ask the questions others don’t. That’s why we pioneer new data science approaches, draft industry-defining publications, and introduce transformative products to the market. We’re not interested in incremental change. We dare to transform society.


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We Believe In...

Data That Matters

We believe that data is as important to businesses and government as labor and capital. Our purpose is to take our clients on a profound journey to realize tremendous value from this oft-underutilized asset

Institutional Analytics

We believe that an institutionalized analytics capability is paramount to organizations looking to thrive in the 21st century. We will partner with our clients to help them overcome the talent, technology, and leadership hurdles they need to clear, and transform them into analytics-centric organizations.

Evolving Culture

We believe that succeeding in analytics requires organizations to evolve their culture and empower everyone—data scientists, leaders, and domain experts alike—to use their unique experience to solve impossible cross-institution challenges. We will bring not just our analysts, but our full suite of consulting and product offerings to bear in order to enable these transformations.

The Power of Technology

We believe that technology, wielded by competent analysts, yields the power to unlock unprecedented insights from unfathomable complexity. We will focus a portion of our innovation around understanding and pioneering groundbreaking capabilities—long before they are ready for widespread commercial deployment—and ensure our clients stay relevant and well-positioned for the future.

Transforming the Future

We believe that advanced analytics and data science has the power to transform the future and improve the lives of every human being on the planet. As an analytics practice, we will harness our collective passions and create social good programs and platforms with the power to change the world for the better.

Advance Your Understanding

Explore the pioneering thinking and techniques transforming the world of data science and analytics.

Explore Our Capabilities and Methodologies

We relentlessly advance new approaches in every area of data science, from analytic modeling and simulation, optimization, and data visualization to infrastructure development, machine learning, and quantum computing..

Data Science Bowl

At Booz Allen, we believe data science is more than a profession; it’s a calling and a way of life. That’s why we focus and apply our skills for social, community, and global good.

Building an Organizational Data Science Strategy

Building a data science capability in any organization isn’t easy. So we help you understand what’s needed, how to get started, and how to mature your capability.

Digital Disease Detection

Powered by Epidemico, a fierce leader in mining unconventional global data sources to detect disease outbreak and drug safety issues.


Pixelate is a revolutionary tool that uses machine learning and computer vision advances to examine satellite and overhead imagery.

Quantum Computing

We’re one of the first companies in the world to use quantum computing to solve real-world problems. And we’re taking the lead in bringing these solutions to our government and business clients.

Sports Analytics

We’re helping sports organizations use data to win more games, reduce operating costs, strengthen their brands, and generate additional revenue across new and existing channels.

Customer 360

Our approach to customer analytics combines data science techniques with a practical framework to connect analytics solutions to critical business objectives and deploy solutions easily.

System Dynamics

System Dynamics (SD) is an advanced simulation methodology that helps link policies to their impacts by simulating system responses to policy changes.

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