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Homeland Security

Homeland Security presents a complex, and ever-changing set of challenges to leaders at all levels of government. Terrorist attacks and natural disasters have the potential to touch the lives of all our citizens.

Effective responses to complex Homeland Security risks require integrated, collaborative strategies involving a diverse range of federal, state, local, tribal, private sector, civil sector, and even international partners. Homeland Security threats—be they acts of terrorism, natural disasters, infrastructure failures, or other crises—can occur with little or no warning and with unpredictable effects.

Booz Allen is able to serve the Department of Homeland Security and our other clients because we make their mission our mission. We therefore understand what is needed to react quickly to rapidly changing events. We offer continuous innovation and process improvements, while minimizing risks, and develop holistic integrated solutions.

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We support the Homeland Security mission and operations in a number of ways, including:

  • Intelligence—Preventing and deterring terrorist attacks and protecting against and responding to threats and hazards to the nation through Homeland Security intelligence analysis, information sharing, transforming information into actionable knowledge, and assessing and mitigating risks 
  • Operations—Operations coordination, situational awareness, contingency planning, and decision support
  • Strategy, Technology, and Management—Rapidly implementing new information technology tools, communications processes, program management approaches, assuring interoperability, and developing new technologies
  • Emergency Management and Response Planning—Leading the unified national effort to secure America, preparing for and responding to emergencies, and using grants to improve preparedness
  • Border, Cargo, and Transportation Security—Ensuring safe and secure land and maritime borders; welcoming lawful immigrants and visitors; promoting the free flow of commerce by protecting and facilitating the movement of people, cargo, and conveyances; and multi-modal transportation security

Our Capabilities

Booz Allen has a proven set of capabilities and service areas to help Homeland Security officials. Our firm works side by side with our Homeland Security clients as they tackle current and future Homeland Security challenges and develop and implement solutions that make our citizens safer and more secure.

CyberM³: Enabling Your Enterprise

CyberM3 Empowers Business by Measuring, Managing,and Maturing Information Security in Your OperationsRead More

Improving Public Safety with Analytics

Booz Allen’s innovative approach to a national priority with ICE earns prestigious INFORMS analytics award.Read More

Improving Resiliency in Functional & Access Needs Population

A preparedness community event used Design Thinking to address resiliency challenges for people with functional and access needs.Read More

Collaborative Cybersecurity

Developing the Cyber Operations Maturity FrameworkRead More

Disaster Preparedness Planning and Exercises

Disaster preparedness exercises achieve success through Booz Allen's tailored, reality-based approach.Read More Easy Access to Benefits Information

Booz Allen Hamilton creates site, a one stop portal providing citizens with integrated repository of benefits and entitlement information.Read More

Federal Partnerships for Homeland Defense and Security

Creating a robust homeland infrastructure database through cross-government partnerships and information-sharing.Read More

Defending Against Cyber Espionage

Fighting a rapidly growing threat to economic and national securityRead More

Anticipating Threats with Cyber4Sight™

Unmask hidden adversaries before they do harm.Read More

Evacuation Planning and Operations

Booz Allen's proven methodology for emergency planning involves an integrated, coordinated, and structured approach to developing, implementing, and improving plans and procedures.Read More

Regional Homeland Security Operations

Booz Allen Hamilton, is committed to enhancing the ability of regional partners to execute their operations, response missions, and preparedness activities.Read More

Catastrophic Planning

Booz Allen Hamilton can help build your catastrophic planning capability to ultimately enhance local, state, regional, and national preparedness.Read More

Future of Grants in Domestic Preparedness: A DomPrep Survey

A survey-based report of thoughts and perspectives on federal grants management and helping to prepare for what's next on the horizon in emergency management. Read More

Leading Reform

Booz Allen’s Reform agenda brings structure, technical expertise, and inspiration to empower agencies through both big and small Reforms.

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Government Insights: New Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Government Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper
Read More

Reimagining Homeland Security

Booz Allen is helping establish a framework to drive America's homeland security and law enforcement into the future.

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Most Common Natural Disasters in the U.S.

This infographic shares statistics around the most common natural disasters in the U.S.
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Delivering Comprehensive Engineering Services to Navy Clients

Our Engineering Services team utilizes the latest in computer aided design & engineering modeling tools to create concepts for prototype development to final drawing packages for system production.

Mission Engineering

This fact sheet outlines Booz Allen Hamilton's approach to mission engineering program management.


Countering Advanced Persistent Threats: A Strategic Approach to a Growing Danger

The severely increased level of sophistication and proliferation of Advanced Persistent Threats has elicited the need for quickly adaptable and agile risk management cybersecurity plans that enables the best choices to be made for each organization's needs at this moment and for the future.

CyberM³ Business Enablement Brochure

Booz Allen’s CyberM3 delivers holistic information security solutions across your enterprise’s people, process, and technology.

Civil Aviation Infrastructure: Protecting A System-of-Systems

The Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security published a report by Booz Allen Vice President Brian Legan and Senior Vice President Christopher Kelly on civil aviation infrastructure, highlighting emerging technologies and potential threats.

Rapid Prototyping IMB

Rapid Prototyping will allow federal users and operators to quickly and cost-effectively obtain vital solutions to fulfill urgent missions. The new role for Rapid Prototyping meets a crucial requirement as the federal government must now rapidly respond to unpredictable emerging threats such as irregular warfare and international crime within the constraints of reduced fiscal resources.
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Holistic Cyber Risk Management Program Must “Predict and Prevent” in Today’s Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper

In response to IT and security leaders’ needs for information on how to more effectively maintain data integrity and security, Booz Allen has released the results of a company-sponsored IDC White Paper, “Shifting Risks and IT Complexities Create Demands for New Enterprise Security Strategies.”

Brandon Hall 2013 Award Winner

Brandon Hall Group executives, analysts and a panel of 24 international judges - picked this year’s honorees from hundreds of entries from more than 20 countries. Now in its 19th year, the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards Program is one of the most prestigious awards program in the Learning, Talent Management and Sales & Marketing arena.

(ISC)²® Foundation Aligns with Booz Allen Hamilton to Offer U.S.A. Cyber Warrior Scholarships

Press release issued by the (ISC)²® Foundation to announce a new scholarship collaboration for veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce.

Booz Allen: Ten Years after Creation of DHS, New Challenges Demand Reimagining Homeland Security

On the heels of the tenth anniversary of the creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH) today outlined five priority areas for the next decade of homeland security.

Thad Allen to Co-Chair New York State Commission on Emergency Preparedness

Booz Allen Senior Vice President Thad Allen has accepted the position of Co-Chair of a new commission formed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and tasked with finding ways to ensure that New York State is ready to respond to future weather-related disasters.

Megacommunities 2.0: Building Resiliency

Orlando, FL
Booz Allen will sponsor the 2012 International Association of Emergency Managers conference in Orlando, Florida.
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Within the markets we serve we provide the following capabilities:

Management Consulting

Our consulting services to help clients define and achieve their strategic objectives, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization, and ensure the readiness and performance of their workforce. Learn More


Helping our clients formulate and implement operational strategies to achieve tangible results. Learn More


Providing advanced technology consulting services to help clients meet mission-critical objectives. Learn More