Performance Solutions for the Tactical Athlete

Powered by data, built for the mind and body

Booz Allen’s human performance solutions are transforming the way that tactical athletes prepare for physical and cognitive performance. Bringing together new technologies, scientific research, and training techniques developed over decades in the professional sports industry, we optimize and customize training programs for success when it matters most.

Watch now to learn how data-centric training solutions—that are personalized, built for real-time feedback, and focused on holistic behavior change—can unlock peak performance for high-risk environments.


About Our Human Performance Practice

Booz Allen’s Human Performance Training transforms the way individuals prepare for and carry out their mission. We combine traditional strength and conditioning, advanced sports and data science, and immersive simulations to optimize the physical and psychological readiness, wellbeing, and performance of trainees. With our approach, elite athletes, warfighters, and first responders can improve decision making and effectiveness for the mission at hand—and develop physical, social, and mental fortitude beyond the field.

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