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We conducted a survey with Ipsos that found people are optimistic that digital experiences with government can be improved. What benefits would we see from a self-service model? 

For the agency, self-service is a lot cheaper; for the citizen, they get control over how they interact with the IRS. That’s an opportunity for everybody and I think it allows agencies to spend less, do more, and then reinvest some of those savings in continually listening and evolving as the needs of the population change.

What’s an example of a customer-centric service?
I would say IRS2Go, one of our main solutions for those use cases I mentioned. The IRS is connected to so many things we do. For example, if you want to apply for a mortgage, you need to get your tax records. So instead of spending two hours on the phone waiting for someone to take your request and mail you a tax transcript, you can log in, securely download a tax transcript, and email the pdf to your mortgage officer. Or you can see when your tax refund will hit your bank account or ask a question. And you can do it anywhere—even on the metro. Citizen-centric services allow people to access what they need how and when it works best for them.

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