Protecting Vehicles on the Road, in Real Time

The Solution

The system and tool set that we developed allows the automaker to proactively monitor its connected cars for cyber anomalies. That level of visibility, coupled with a dynamic dashboard, gives data analysts the ability to address problems quickly and efficiently.

“The tool is allowing us to move from a process that, in the past, would take days, and in some incidences a week or more, down to minutes,” reports an executive from the automaker.

The Future

While our work focused on cybersecurity, the capacity to collect data that improves the customer experience is a key area of growth for automakers. “We’re able to look at a car in a way that’s much different than we have in the past,” says Booz Allen Principal Rick Whitford.

By fully embedding within the automaker’s organization, Booz Allen provided the knowledge and trust necessary to build consensus, drive change, and create industry-first solutions. The systems we set in place will protect this automaker’s customers—and the future of other drivers and passengers.

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