Field Guide to Data Science

What's New

The Second Edition of The Field Guide to Data Science, released in December 2015, features a number of additions and enhancements based on our evolving understanding of how to best use data as a resource. In the Second Edition, you’ll find:

  • Five new case studies on how federal, nonprofit, and corporate organizations have applied data science to unlock insights
  •  An updated Guide to Analytic Selection
  • “The Future of Data Science,” a concluding feature by Booz Allen Principal Data Scientist Kirk Borne
  • Additions to Life in the Trenches: “Ensemble Models,” by Kaggle Head of Competitions Will Cukierski, and “Going Deep on Machine Learning”
  • And more!


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The Field Guide to Data Science

Whether you’re an IT executive, skilled analytics practitioner, or data science novice, Booz Allen's Field Guide to Data Science contains insights you need.