Mentor-Protégé Program

The Mentor-Protégé Program Benefits All Participants

Booz Allen’s size, reputation for excellence, and commitment to the small business community make it an ideal mentor. The program is designed to provide benefits for all participants:

  • Clients gain access to the corporate capabilities and resources of large companies and the emerging technologies that are often delivered by small companies.
  • Mentors are reimbursed or credited in accordance with the terms and conditions of the program’s contract agreement, and expand their small business subcontracting base.
  • Government agencies can support small business opportunities and meet their agencies’ small business prime and subcontracting goals.
  • Protégés gain access to the business, technical expertise, and experience of a large firm; broaden their market areas and client base; and participate in new large-scale efforts they may be unable to lead on their own.

How We Support Our Protégés

Coordinated by Booz Allen's Small Business Office, the Mentor Protégé program provides developmental support that is customized to the unique needs of each protégé. 
Our strategy as a mentor is to support protégés by:
  • Enhancing their technical and business capabilities. We help protégés develop their business skills and infrastructure by sharing technology, expanding their resources, and integrating them into Booz Allen’s business and marketing activities.
  • Expanding business development and subcontracting opportunities. We encourage all Booz Allen business segments to subcontract with our protégés. Expanding their breadth of experience increases their competitiveness in the technology market.
  • Developing productive, long-term strategic relationships. We work closely with our protégés to provide high-quality support to the clients we serve together.
  • Establishing mutually beneficial teaming arrangements. We expose our protégés to new opportunities and gain access to new markets.


Criteria for Becoming a Protégé:

Here's what Booz Allen is looking for in potential protégés:

  • Existing contractual business relationship (client-facing) with Booz Allen for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Immediate value proposition within the agency market (e.g., strategic relationship, complementary skill).
  • Strategic long-term value in addition to potential subcontracting opportunities.
  • Minimum size standard of 20 full-time employees.
  • Operating as a business for at least 3 years.
  • Capabilities do not directly compete with any existing Booz Allen protégés.
  • No active mentor-protégé agreement within the targeted agency or any other agency.
  • Must have held a federal contract or subcontract for at least 1 year with any agency.
  • Compatible business ethics and philosophy and the potential for a long-term reciprocal relationship.
  • Financially stable and viable.

How to Get Started

To be considered for the Mentor Protégé program, companies must be able to show at least one year of successful client-facing, contractual work with Booz Allen. Registering your company in our Small Business Database is the first step.   

Booz Allen’s Current Protégés