Multicloud for the Intelligence Community

What Is Multicloud?


For multicloud environments, there are two paradigms. The first is an enterprise where there are multiple standalone cloud service providers (CSP) and the second is a system-level approach.

Why Multicloud?


While there are complexities to manage in a multicloud environment, it provides the benefits of various CSPs, but removes the reliance on any one CSP.

What Value Does Multicloud Provide?


Multicloud is a game changer for the intelligence community. Integrators can choose the best environment for more capacity, with greater speed and flexibility for greater mission impact.

What Do Leaders Need to Consider When Planning a Multicloud Transition?


Consider what happens when a multicloud initiative is not well managed—cloud sprawl, cost overruns, and security risks. To avoid this, a multicloud strategy should follow four pillars.

What Challenges Does a Multicloud Transition Present?


For the intelligence community, challenges of multicloud include governance, security, and interoperability.

What Do Leaders Need to Think About When Implementing Multicloud?


When leaders are considering a multicloud environment, they should provide the tools and policy for rapid adoption, and then let the innovation happen.