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District Defend

Enable secure mobility. District Defend is security software that proactively protects and manages enterprise assets, while enforcing zero trust access to your networks and data—everywhere you operate.

Modular Detachment Kit™ (MDK):

Advance tactical command and control (C2) with this multidomain integration agent. Today it’s in the field providing holistic integration of disparate C2 data systems, bridging the gap between 20th- and 21st-century technology.

PODS Persistent Object

Covert Electronic Support (ES) tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions are critical to improving operations while minimizing risks, yet existing systems are expensive and limited. Persistent Objective/Detect Sensornet (PODS) is flexible, disposable, low profile, and low cost.

Reinforcement Learning Framework

Accelerate insights with a library of pre-developed AI agents built for reinforcement learning. The library also includes the APIs that connect these agents with cloud-hosted data platforms and other simulations, made accessible via client network machines.

Rapid Expeditionary Security Surveillance System (RES3)

The system provides warfighters and commanders with enhanced ISR situational awareness for tactical responses during littoral operations in a contested environment, distributed maritime operations, and in expeditionary forward base operations.  


This scalable ecosystem provides spectrum management and electronic warfare (EW) services while leveraging advanced processing capabilities accessible over tactical edge networks. It’s a one-to-many environment that enables C2, cyber, EW, SIGINT, and Mission Command priorities.​


Unlock the power of immersive training with real-time analytics to improve human and machine performance. XRAE delivers instant insights in training and in-theatre through immersive reality, while its flexible platform architecture provides fast integration with immersive systems.

XR-SIM: Mission Rehearsal

This electronic warfare trainer is a flexible immersive solution. It provides a realistic environment for operator-level tasks on the vehicle-mounted Duke system. Warfighters will experience a scenario including visual effects within the tactical environment.

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